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Getting thanks for 50 years of work Sister jeanine Graham helps run new ways ministry out of Mount Rainier a group that advocates for equality for LGBTQ Catholics and one that U.S. bishops have argued should not be considered a Catholic organization But following some of the Pope's more accepting comments about homosexuality her group sent him a letter asking for affirmation of their work He wrote back And there's been a series of letters The most recent letter from the Pope thanked her repeatedly for 50 years of compassion administering to a group often shunned by the church The church is all of the people of God And we need to hear from all of the people No one is excluded Sister jeanine says if you read the gospel of Jesus Jesus welcomed everyone John demon WTP news Hundreds of Afghan refugees who fled their country when the U.S. withdrew operations there last summer are now trying to make a home in our region And one settlement organization in Alexandria says it needs help to meet the demand 90% of the staff we have in our Northern Virginia office are Afghan Kris omarosa runs the Lutheran immigration and refugee service which has helped some 700 refugee families with cultural training school enrollment and job searches Areas like the D.C. metro area Texas California that have had larger Afghan populations historically are the ones that have attracted a new rivals Of course when I arrived here I didn't have anything and we fall asleep on the bedroom carpet Mujan is easy left Kabul with her family in July and is working with LI RS and finding fellow refugees stability It really feels great because I know what they're going through With more families expected IRS posted an online wish list find it at WTO dot com Megan clarity wtop news Sports at 15 and 45 Powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red now to rob wood for The NFL's first Sunday of the playoffs lived up to the wild card moniker as the San Francisco forty-niners upset the Dallas Cowboys 23 17 with standing a late Dallas rallies who advanced to a divisional round face off with top seed Green Bay That game would be followed by the Kansas City Chiefs 42 21 route of the Pittsburgh Steelers a game in which Patrick Mahomes through touchdowns on 5 straight drives to steal the show from Ben Roethlisberger and perhaps the final game of his 18 year career The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cruise to a 31 15 win over the Philadelphia Eagles They'll face the winner of the first Monday night wildcard game between the rams and Cardinals The capitals were without John Carlson due to COVID protocols and fell for two to Bruce boudreaux Vancouver connects the drop 5 of their last 6 outings Alex Ovechkin's 26th goal of the season tied him for the league lead on the college hardwood Georgetown remains winless in the big east after a loss to St. John's American was a winner over bucknell to end a three game slide in navy's victory at Boston upstairs conference record to 5 in one But at Maryland in emotional day for the women's basketball team ended with the program's worst loss in a decade The Michigan wolverines.

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