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I think is that they have really got to deep into it. And I was saying to Michael before we came in abet for the didn't immediately strike is how close of the wolves getting to the sleigh. Led the by a nice suspect. They are this is what is worrying Mullah? I think that's why the scanned by what happened with bug BuzzFeed because you cannot put a millimeter fingernail wrong. I think it's wearing Jude Rudy Giuliani from various quotes that he has given what is the Trump relationship with with with Russia? We've had on the other side these incredible stories whether they're true or not I'm still not convinced by Trump into meeting with Putin Bundy that the interpreted TASR up her notes at at an and so on. But what does Putin really want? And there was a very very good short piece in the financial times. Wait by great, Putin and Trump watcher Edward loose in say just watch is the end game. And we know that that both great disrupters are the two great disruptors disruption of NATO, this is where actually Trump himself is boxed in because if he moves on NATO that that's when the tanks will move in on his lawn. Big time, I don't think this is going to be the conscious by late. But it's another thing. What is interesting is the maturity with which Mona has maneuvered on on this. But it is not came over by any manner of means yet fascinating from both of you. Thank you so much that does bring us to the end of today's show, Michael Goldfarb and Robert FOX today show produced by custom macho Larry research by Fernando Augusta per shekel and Martha LeBron our studio manager, David Stephen. Is there is more music next? And then at nine thousand nine hundred hours, it is the monocle culture show. We'll have more on the day's top news stories on the monocle daily with your host, Marcus hippie, twenty two hundred London time fourteen hundred in Los Angeles. But every house back tomorrow, I'm Daniel beach. Thank you for listening. And goodbye..

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