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Daniele has low NPR news, Washington anti-trust authorities in Germany are restricting how Facebook can collect data in their country NPR's. Daniel estrin has more from Berlin. Germany's antitrust office says Facebook has unfairly collected data on its users from outside the social network, and then assign that data to users Facebook accounts Facebook requires users to agree to the practice. The German ruling says Facebook subsidiaries like what's happened Instagram may continue to collect user data. But cannot assign the data to German users Facebook accounts without their permission German authorities called it an abuse of Facebook's market, dominance, and ordered the social network to restrict the practice and stop it completely within a year. Facebook says it rejects the decision and will appeal it said in a statement that its data sharing policy quote helps us improve people's safety including blocking accounts related to terrorism. Daniel estrin, NPR news, Berlin, you're listening to. NPR news. President Trump is expected to attend the national prayer breakfast this hour in Washington every president has attended since the event began during the Eisenhower administration this year. The event is co chaired by Delaware democratic Senator Chris coons and Oklahoma Republican Senator James Langford in November a majority of voters in deep red Idaho approved an expansion of Medicaid. The move was challenged by a conservative group. Mad Gillam of Boise state public radio reports. Idaho's highest court has backed the voters decision. According to the Idaho supreme court, Medicaid expansion is legal in the gem state. The court called the challenge from the Idaho. Freedom foundation meritless on persuasive and dismissed it the foundations argument alleged wording, the proposed measure gave too much control to the federal government and the state's department of health and welfare by referencing federal law and the expansion Bill. The freedom foundation argued Idaho was chaining itself to Medicaid, even if Errol policy on the program shifted in funding for evaporated, a majority of the Idaho. Justices didn't buy it and said, many state statutes reference federal laws. Idaho's expanded Medicaid is expected to provide coverage to some sixty two thousand low income residents while the measure has cleared the courts state, lawmakers are still debating attaching restrictions like a work requirement to it for NPR news. I met Gillerman Boise. The president of the European Commission has told United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa may that the EU will not renegotiate the Brexit deal. They worked out together may seeking to reopen the talks since her administration's Brexit plan was rejected by UK lawmakers. The EU says there won't be any new talks, I'm korva Coleman. NPR news support for NPR comes from Amazon web services working to help. Millions of customers from start ups to enterprises to governments transform their industries was secure a already cloud services. Learn more at AWS is how dot com today on press play some people here in L A R banding together to split the. Cost.

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