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Fucking cancel mr bain hours. They i wish they just. Mr bean was mr bean was in the epstein fight law. He was the pilot good. Oh towed in the home. And then go see mr bain mr bean just like fucking up like falling down and tripping on a ladder and said that weird little shrine on are you allen tissue. It's doing this voice for mr bean. Just like not as foisted all he said the problem we have online. Is that an algorithm decides what we want to see which ends up being which into creating a simplistic binary view. Society becomes a disturbing. Either you're with us or against us if you're against us user to be cancelled. He's entitled to his opinion. I don't i don't know i'm reading arena article and there's just a bunch of gifts of him below it completely it drowns away. What he's saying thirteen things. Mr bean has has tripped on. I don't really care mr bean. don't either existence or the on existence of cats. Just send you the guys. The gif immediately below the cancel culture posts him with stickers on island his tongue. You can't you can't plug in trip on a trip on a banana. Peel these days without offending somebody. That's that's introduced standup but that he does on surveys. Now just slide. You just slides on a banana. Peel thirty yards across the stage. All off crickets in the us but howls of laughter. In pali off shire england. So mr bean's one thing. The american mr bean is leisure suit larry and much cooler which usually brought back as i shoo horn. Leave your suit. Larry into many conversations at work and it usually on radio. It unfortunately goes over the had a far too. Many people have been exposed to leisure shirts. Fortunate because leaders. Larry is a very fun wikipedia. Rabbit hole go down. It's also very old thing to actually go ahead. Well yeah it's been around forever. Yeah it's many many many game systems since the days of dr you aware of who the mascot of dairy queen is true is dennis the menace. Yeah we had nick. And k b on and i was there like brand and mascot guys and that was like the first time i've ever heard them stumped on one. I didn't know if that was. Yeah anytime anytime. You're making decisions for marketing for company. Usa who's the shittiest nastiest child we can think of to its mascot. This gross little goblin loves her ice cream next next up in toronto..

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