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I'm the SEC. I got the most money. I got the best teams. I got the best conference. We recruit the best territory. Why am I not hurry? To rush this. Notre-Dame's not in any hurry to join a conference either. They have a path to the playoff and their own TV contract. Why would they join a conference? They could still play USC, they could still play Stanford and Michigan and some of the ACC games. There's nothing change in there for Notre-Dame. They're not joining the league anytime soon. I think it's going to be pretty calm for the Big Ten, the SEC and Notre-Dame here moving forward. I think there's going to be a lot of strategery coming up and taking place. But you know what? Don't take my word for it. We'll ask Chris Lowe about that. My name is Braden Gaul, at Braden Gaul on Twitter in for Paul fine Bond. We're going to get the phone lines working. You guys have been trying to get in. We'll get them working here for you guys. So just sit tight. Chris Lowe, ESPN college football writer and analyst coming up when we come back right here on ESPN radio brain gall in for Paul this is the Paul fine bomb show. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Here on ESPN radio, Braden Gaul. In for Paul at brayden Gaul on the Twitter machine, if you want to get Timmy there, Chris Lowe from ESPN joining us here momentarily. 855-242-7285. And by momentarily, I mean right now. We will talk to Chris here just a second. So obviously we're working through some technical issues with the phone, so just sit tight for us, man. We'll get to you guys here in just a little while. Obviously, I missed all of your beautiful voices and can't wait to talk with you, but we'll get it all figured out here. So 855-242-7285 again at brayden gall. I do have some trap games I want to get to and I know that's like a cliche when you hear the word trap game and we talk about championship caliber teams in college football, but really how many games are on Alabama or Georgia schedule that they're going to lose. How many are realistic potential losses? There's not many. So we'll get into a couple of those in the SEC and maybe some other conferences as well for championship caliber teams like Ohio State. Maybe Clinton belongs in that conversation. A and M belongs in that conversation. Does Michigan belong in that conversation? I think Baylor, Oklahoma state, NC state, Oregon, Utah, USC may be even belongs in that conversation. I'm not talking national championship. I'm talking about conference championships and then path into the playoff. So we'll get into some trap games as well as our main topic today that I'm trying to be positive. It's just trying to appreciate the good with the bad on realignment. And what comes with realignment is a bunch of new cool stuff. And I am hopeful that Pittsburgh and West Virginia can get back together. I'm glad that Texas and Texas a and M are getting back together. I'd love to see Kansas and Missouri get back together. The border war. I hope that the PAC 12 rivalries can be sustained through all of this chaos. But it does allow for some new cool stuff. So I do want your feedback and we'll get to you guys. You can get me on Twitter by the way before the phones get fixed here at Braden Gaul on Twitter as well. Dante Moore, big time commitment today for the Oregon duck speaking of Oregon. The Detroit native there on top two, three quarterback, depending on what service you look at, Oregon ducks signed one of the best players in the country. So now you have arch Manning at Texas. You got Niko yamaya, Tennessee and you've got Dante Moore at Oregon. So the ducks and Dan lanning doing good work on the recruiting trail to go get the big 5 star quarterback out of Detroit. So some interesting news there. As well. Joe theismann had some interesting comments on Notre-Dame. That we'll get to also, as Notre-Dame, I just want to know what people think Notre-Dame looks like right now. Like, what is Jack swarbrook in the board of directors and whatever the terminology is for Notre-Dame? What do they look like right now? Are they are they sitting in like a big lazy boy with a nice glass of Cabernet, like reading the Old Testament just chilling? Like is that what Notre-Dame is doing right now? I don't think they're in any hurry to do anything. I don't think they have any impetus to do anything. I don't think there's any leverage by anyone. Does the Big Ten have a slightly better case now that they have USC and UCLA? Sure, okay. If they add Stanford, okay, maybe I could see that adding some leverage. There's only one way that Notre-Dame joins a conference. One way, in my opinion. And unfortunately, it's not the one that would save the ACC. If Notre-Dame joins the ACC, it saves the conference. They probably go out and grab, I don't know, West Virginia, let's say. They get to 16, they can renegotiate their grant to rights, re stabilize, become more financially competitive, and I think the ACC, maybe that keeps the ACC alive for ten, 15 years longer than we're concerned about right now. I don't think that's going to happen. There's no incentive for Notre-Dame to do that. The ACC has fallen too far behind the Big Ten in the SEC. So why don't they go into the SEC? Why don't they go into the Big Ten? Right now, the SEC has vested interests in Notre-Dame staying independent. This is why they were okay baking in language into their potential playoff expansion format. So that Notre-Dame didn't have to play in a conference championship game. They were willing to concede that for Notre-Dame. You're not allowed to get a buy. But you don't have to play a conference championship game. You don't have to be in a conference. We'll give you, you get the Notre-Dame exception because you're Notre-Dame. And frankly, if we are in a two horse race for college football supremacy between the Big Ten and the SEC now, which is by all accounts where we are, why would the SEC give the other horse a leg up? The only way Notre-Dame ends up in a conference. Is if we have this 40 team breakaway that is no longer a part of the NCAA and it's just the SEC just the Big Ten and no one else is allowed to compete in their playoff. I don't think that's what's going to happen. I think that would be terrible for the game. But it's possible. And if it does happen, and you've got 40, 42, 44 teams that have broken away that are going to play their own playoff. And you have to be in one of those two leagues, which, frankly, the names don't even matter at that point. It's just, that's just the

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