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Serve members of the armed forces. Diego de veterans and their families are members are the mission. Learn more at Navy federal dot organ Jack Taylor. W T o P traffic at our forecast. Now here's Lauren Records. Well, we've got some sunshine. It's a beautiful day. But boy, is it a little on the windy side gusts up to 25 30 Miles an hour that's gonna continue right on into the afternoon winds will settle down as we go through the evening commute. But again, not until then. So right now, when Children the twenties improve into the thirties, but that's about it through the middle part of the day, so it'll be gorgeous. Just brisk and it's again. It's gonna feel like the thirties. Too much of the day Now, when settled down, as I said through the evening commute overnight light winds twenties thirties as we have more clouds building into the area, and we're gonna have some clouds around tomorrow. More clouds definitely than today. Temperatures, though still in the mid to upper 40 so little warmer tomorrow with a lighter win wouldn't be surprised to see a flurry or two tomorrow. But again, that's all we be seen Thursday. Friday. We're back in the fifties, plenty of sunshine and invite Saturday. We're nearing 60 degrees of the good thing about Saturday. We're holding off the rain until late Saturday night. So much of the day on Saturday with increasing clouds gonna be rather nice again with that temperature 10 degrees above normal right around. 60. Wind chills right now. That's the feel like factor in D. C. H. 28 Bui. It feels like 21 degrees Fairfax feeling like 27 Dale City feeling like 29. All right, Lauren. Thank you. It's 8 51 now and now to a story that we have been following a D C man who was leading a team of people working to reduce violence in the.

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