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Was the final car that carried robert kennedy's coffin from new york to burial in arlington national cemetery outside washington the route was said to be lined by more than a million people wanted pass through here railroad love or bennett levin was drawn to the spring garden street bridge where the tracks parallel thirtieth street it was a very diverse cray all the time when we didn't measure diversity people were relatively silent in the mid eighties levin a selfdescribed train not acquired the very same eighty five foot passenger car for seventy five thousand dollars rather than see it had to scrap heap the my ex wife white called the mistress okay steve tower kyw newsradio hey why w news time eleven fifty two time for traffic and transit on the twos more on the car fire you were mentioning they've got backed up traffic for a couple of miles now east as you approach willow grove we have only the left lane getting by there and it's just looks to be a big backup now and it is growing again that's east on the pennsylvania turnpike approaching willow grove if you're stuck in this state of the left traffic report is brought to you by orkan no other problems for the turnpike unless you're on the turnpike trying to go to route one north that ramp is backed up because there is a crash on route one it's affecting route one north and south you're jammed approaching street road headed north up to almost the shopping mall and then south on route one from business route one down to that point everybody stay to the left with that as well apparently the car with the van that was involved in this is up on the center barrier looking good ninety five south the crew that we had that was near the walt whitman bridge is apparently cleared out but the next day you're gonna hit as ridley park down to four seventy six the blue route there was a sign crew there on the blue route north and south we don't see any problems at all lancaster avenue eastbound left lane aberdeen to saint david's that's backing up with construction or twenty two looking good major new jersey roadways well it's all good news at the moment except for one spot onto ninety five north is his right as you approach the.

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