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That everybody should be behind because it fulfills all of the things that they actually have said and they've campaign for let's not forget all of these individuals. The Senate Democrats have campaigned on border security. They've said they want technology in fencing CBS is major Garrett sows in the Trump ace identify strongly with this issue border wall funding, and the general concept of taking on Washington as it currently exists disrupting its methods even in the holidays, maybe particularly during the holidays CBS news update, I'm Steve Kafer. Breaking news on WCBS is reported a short time ago. We just been learning that Ruth Bader Ginsburg surpreme court Justice had two malignant Najah lls cancerous Najah removed from her left. Numb lung. I should say they were this happened. At Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center here in the city and officials are saying that they found no spread of the disease. The question about what these were began after she broke a rib. That's when George Washington University. Doctors found that she had these nachos. They sent her to Memorial Sloan Kettering here in New York City where they removed the Najah walls and found than Lyndon. But again, they say it does not appear that the cancer has spread. She is currently recuperating. And no further treatment is plan w CBS news time twelve thirty two travelers are having to endure long waits and cancel flights at area airports, Marla diamond spoke to people having trouble at LaGuardia. Cancelled flights missed connections. And a lot of frustration here at LaGuardia. Justin, Scott from Brooklyn was trying to get home to North Carolina miss connections..

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