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But this game on sunday is four more important for one team than it is the other very simple this came means so much more for the pittsburgh steelers it's not even close because let's take a trip down memory lane shelly let me ask anybody who is the listening right now and steel city as much as you may love your steelers you your steelers have been and will world frenchus on the nol on the cower under common you always a factor you're always in a mix you've won your fair share a super bowl titles but what is one thing that build showers teams and now my tom stays had been unable to they can't beat the new england patriots it doesn't matter if it's kordell stewart a quarterback tommie matic sit quarterback ben roethlisberger a quarterback can't beat make mistakes shrivel when it matters the most they changed solve the riddle that is tom brady whether it was in the two thousand four and sink title game whether it was in last year's afc title game the steelers see the patriots and what do they do take die like dogs they have not think he'd them out anyway i know still have weapons score they have the best wide receiver in the sport antonio brown they may have one of if not the best running back in the sport via bell had a solid number two in zhengzhou smith schuster who had been roethlisberger playing his best stretch of football or sees a law david i need all those weapons on sunday because no this the steelers will not contain and will not slowed down tom brady chonma going to look at the monday night game against the miami dolphins when the dolphins beat him up the dolphins corners specifically savior howard was terrific had his two interceptions and it was one of those games where brady had that beer and a headlights look get it every now and again from top worry sitting there on the silencing one oral hat he's angry curse in a little bit feisty it coaches feisty it himself too rare sight see you had that on monday but what you also had on monday was in new england team that didn't have the best wet we all know this and he should be suspended.

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