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To a little bit as a two yard and redefine. I mean she's been somebody who's defy finishing amused intellectualize tickets and somebody who you came into. The the league saying issues be ultimately a great one. She didn't via great to now that those missions being a lot less than he did in large part because you have a lot of offenses that and stu where there's multiple find the ball handlers and going about it a different way. Do you feel as if though having her next to someone who is a more traditional one. In a lot of ways derived use her way forward and terms of regina maximum. Potentially trust and i i would not expand users and signs and there's some time for somebody else bring it in the state test and this time so she's been adding to the arsenal of astrakhan. Hurt evidence that is that every citizen. She's been sometimes strip she on a lot of attention as the rest of our team has had to understand that look. She's the nausea to step up a shot. That was a struggle on. That's been another facet of our growth and improvement as team that he got better at making of they've been kasit bergen.

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