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Water main break enjoyed dozens of independent retailers great restaurants exciting attractions in old city district dot org in the gateway W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm CD rates of the eyewitness weather forecast with CBS threes Tiffany Simona mostly sunny cold and breezy today with highs around thirty four but dressed for wind chills in the twenty this afternoon winds will diminish this evening clouds increase overnight we drop to twenty two by Saturday morning snow will likely developer on the middle the day on Saturday becoming steady during the afternoon snow then changes over to rain by Saturday evening as temperatures rise above freezing into the upper thirties which I think that on so and a partly to mostly cloudy blustery with temperatures dropping through the thirties twenty eight degrees mostly sunny in center city we're heading the thirty four feels like it's in the teens right now with the wind Yemen known from no one can we paint your home it's gonna be a great experience and that's a sure thing in fact we're not happiness you're happy that's a NO one painting promise and we've been keeping that promise for over forty years no one painting dot com putting home the neighborhood since nineteen seventy nine check on Wall Street now sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com where you can see videos of people who have peace of mind with their own crash proof retirement system goes up thirty nine points nasdaq ahead by ten and the S. and P. five hundred plus eight points check back two three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio one fifteen year three things to know the annual women's March on Philadelphia is set for tomorrow morning in center city the jury's been selected to consider rape charges against Harvey Weinstein in New York recapping our top story.

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