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Well that was going to take some time so I was wrong Eleanor Rigby I started singing it one yeah oh wait a minute wait a minute I'm so sorry you said yeah yeah Susan it is Susan yeah all right Susan it's a song about him and I am what yeah you're going up and you just you said she was right I shut up yeah well that's getting off to a good start don't you think yeah and you never want to Eleanor Roosevelt but they weren't home is there is no Beatles song about Susan that's how that goes right all right try this one what's the odd one out Tony okay the melancholy Dane game the great Bambino and being down Glynis Johns Johns and Leo G. Carroll Leo G. Carroll let's see the melancholy the great you know when I was a melancholy gain hamlet is in fact at Glynis Johns was the bride of Frankenstein I don't know if she was no I don't think she was what also is this people known by one name no it's not chopper he was connected Leo Carol was UN topper list that's right goes melon the Mellon collie Scotia at toppers goes Glynis Johns was and the cabinet of Calipari could you please going as John so the grey family knows the great Bambino is in fact the odd one out because again start with a ghost he did not costar with the ghost that's exactly right very good the melancholy Dane hamlet saw the ghost Glynis Johns and was in a movie version of the cabinet if of count Calipari was sometime in the sixties and she was seeing things all over the place she played the one who is insane without knowing it and I'm sure there was a ghost that you go all right only only you know I often say this is the worst question I've ever ask in the history of the show this is the worst I have ever ask in the history of the show what's the odd one out all of them lasted okay bullet old Yeller and Homer H. O. M. E. R. Homer Simpson no I will give you the hit that Homer was the mascot of the nineteen sixties Mets are real yes okay so we're all for our dogs they are was full grown Roger stone bullet was Roy Rogers right and Lassie's old Yeller bullet and Homer the fact that Homer was not in a movie that this account either nine has not kept him if he gets I will not only are we talking about the owners oh my goodness medium hand away yes okay were Rogers Timmy no no no no no not the fictional I don't know the real Lassie do you hear me tell you this is the nineteen sixties Mets mascot seems like a guy who doesn't belong in that category right there well given that glassy bulletin old Yeller were either TV or movie star well I'm going to give you a big hit because this is just so nasty have any idea who trained any of these dogs no no not a bit traders is from the auto.

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