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Peter I'm Sonya Rincon then we will give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world clear skies in fifty three degrees at seven o'clock on this Monday the twenty third of December I made wall should here's what's happened safer streets in New York City this year for the number of pedestrian deaths is higher and release are working to do something about it over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house for the holidays that might be easier than the interest interstates airports more than a hundred million Americans are going to be traveling over the next week or so Brooklyn borough president what surveillance cameras you're subway station entrances and exits to make the subways strap hangers safe on the streets as well city will spend millions to expand its more mental health treatment programs that they're saying we have an obligation it means accu weather clear to partly cloudy tonight low thirty eight in midtown this is Julie Waller for change giants and jets basking after wins big so's the wizards painters visit Philly islanders host the blue jackets and devils at Chicago this is Sandra day of Bloomberg all time closing high for Wall Street again today the Dow advance ninety six nasdaq rose twenty one it's nine street it bans wins used on the right drug traffic center here's an elite gosh okay and here's what we see on Long Island big three Long Island expressway westbound you're slow the queen's those boys go back to Glen cove road east found your slow into the northern state parkway by exit thirty eight which is the connected again over by route one ten the good news is that things are definitely easing up watch for crash in the northern state parkway it's eastbound right before the Meadowbrook parkway and slow traffic on the westbound side of the northern state from shelter rock road heading right into queens or by the cross island parkway southern state parkway actually looking pretty good now most of the delays have eased off you may catch a little bit of a slow down here and there but nothing serious as we head into Brooklyn wanna speak you we slow from Staten Island right across the Verrazano bridge all the way up to the Brooklyn Bridge is a crash over by Hamilton Avenue not helping things at all then you slow down again if you get close to the cross jusco bridge right up to northern Boulevard you've got some westbound delays in the want to speak too weak from the L. I. E. all the way down to the prospect expressway as we head next over to what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels Brooklyn browned Brooklyn Bridge is there's a crash walking the center lane want to thank traffic tip line callers sunny at eight four four jam ten ten on the ten ten wins traffic tip line George Washington bridge running thirty five to forty minutes now how to route eighty which is better he spent thirty five to forty into the Bronx.

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