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Are some are doctor was a former Air Force physician? Who specialized in. Mci Events Smash cousy and stuff like that. That's what he does and our winter doctor for this year's one of those. He's a doctors without Borders doctors so he just does disorder stuff all the time. Just weird random. Yeah he was telling us about all the time you spend Borneo or something like that while going from really really hot to really really cold that would be. Kinda cool though. Yeah he took off for one of the world's prolific animal species condensed areas to nothing. But what he did this year was he left in October. And it came back six weeks later to go the doctor. South Pole for the summer. I'm like dude. What are you doing? Wow and next week. I'm going to the Congo. What an interesting life. Yeah well that's one of the rules. You have three. You get fourteen months that you can be on continent and then you have to take off at least six weeks. Okay that's creepy. Yeah keep people from creating residents right so so you had to leave when you left your had one month left and I would have been overhead. I waited for the plane wreck. So you love because you had to leave. Well my contract was up and I really WANNA standing longer okay. mentioned homeless people like trying to skirt the rules. They're really concerned about that. They're well it's weird. A lot of people will just go travel for six weeks and come back all right. That's as good as a home as anywhere Have BEEN THERE THIRTY YEARS? Wow those take six weeks off and come back. And that's that's their life. They laid everything they own is basically an article and they just kind of travel around for six weeks and then come back. Just put it in storage up on the plane. A lot of people do that. It's it's interesting. That is super super cool. I've got a box of storage down there since I'm going back and then I don't have to carry as much stuff back with me. Look stupid boots now. When are you going September okay? So you're taking more than six weeks. Yeah I'm taking the winter off so because I've got I'm the form and there's already a winter foreman so I don't need to be there. And how many electricity do they have so this year? I had nine this winter. They're going to have four and it'll fluctuate depending on what's going on. They've had as many as twenty when they had big projects going on like right now. They're rebuilding the station so they're going to be shipping in a ton of traditions but therefore different contract or not the company. I work for So they're going to be the construction electricity that they're just going to build things and so they hire people for everything there right everything anything that you would need to run a town that people live at right completely isolated yet. We have heavy equipment operators. We have supply people. We have the Galley staff which cooks and then students which are dying. Potenza dishwashers if people have someone in the summer. They're entire job is to post office in cargo. We have people that are designated just cargo for the planes because we have so many planes come in during the summer what else. We got a food and beverage manager. That's his entire job is to manage the bars in the food that goes in and out well so we have really shitty me. All your like string 'em up. We learned quickly. We're the meal plan comes from and that's comes from the NSF. So we get the blame. The Science Foundation for Crappie meals at damn that duck. Yes that was good. Yeah there's all the traits are down there you know basically if you need it to survive your down there so probably janitorial staff and Yep power plant electricians and mechanics people run generators we even have our own mechanics on site because the generators diesel right right. So yeah you'd have to have diesel engine mechanics right. Yeah well you have power plant mechanics that are separate from the diesel mechanics. Because the power plants are very specific. Oh okay at which is different from our heavy diesel mechanics. Which are different from our light vehicle mechanics are different from our small engine mechanics so lots of mechanics time for all yeah especially for mechanics. Yes but aren't electricians just mechanics for electrons? Really re were wizards. I liked that better. We deal with a magical substance. No one really understands and make it do things the right way dude. I have no idea I mean I have a theoretical idea but I was the theory behind. Just cannot wraparound electricity. Well then it gets really weird when you start getting into alternating current the fact that the electrons really just moved back and forth and Yep current flows and. That's just weird all. I knows that somebody who use it to kill an elephant. That's that's all I got. It is possible. Yes or penguin you probably could. Yeah telling you. Man Penguin tasers one of the biggest issues. We had down. There's electrons is. There is no proper grounding down there due to the fact that is volcanic rock which is basically glass. We can't get. We can't get a good ground. So there's so much static electricity. You'll walk by like a doorknob shootout like six inches. Oh just zap you. How Super Dry Air Yup things? Yeah with with no Sawyer. Happened to me the other day. Everything shocked me I lost a computer due to that. Thank you very much two weeks. They are brought my my really nice computer. Download laptop plugged. Ethan Important Zappa. Some a pet so. I ordered a really robust one. Senate down so yeah. There aren't enough of those wrist bands called. They're supposed to keep you grounded to what if there's no real grounding right so you get grounded. Two buildings deal about it now. We actually have a special dispensation from the NSF about grounding from the National Electrical Code. Saying we don't have to follow certain grounding rules because they don't apply sits. It's physically impossible because this physics I wouldn't have any best way of dissipating. Static would be like what they do on airplanes with the hope the win pulls it away. I mean that's that's really about it. We have. We have we grounds in the buildings and stuff like that. Keep to minimize it. But there's only so much we can do. Yeah Oh weird what would you say as far as like just normal? Living Life is the most disruptive. They're having a roommate Most people wants to get college. Never have a roommate again like when you have to actually share a bedroom with yeah no you don't live with somebody unless you're fucking them. That's my root down there. You have a roommate. Who shares a room with you that you both sleep in bunk mates? Yeah and in some cases you have three other roommates. Oh it's one of those like four bullets. A central live area or is no just four banks. Crackheads forbids and wardrobe for each person in a What size it has like fifteen fifteen bucks but you've got plenty of other spaces to go to get away from those people usually entire like continent basically you never make it to the continents but there's a whole lot of the white. Yeah there's hiking and you can go to the bars you can go to the library. You can just go walk around town Cool stuff beautiful thing. Is you work six nine. So you're only in your room basically to sleep most of the time Does not horrible. In Sunday's.

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