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For seven hours just to go. Run my errands yet. Nobody sometimes self care. Looks like hard work because imagine how you'll feel at the end of the day. That is so true. And i'm actually looking forward to having a clean full home in the actually. It was so many products that i ordered That like in those boxes. I'm really looking forward to. I'm not like dreading it that much. But the unpacking is like really good especially because already have a full hamper of laundry from before. When i left you know i do now. It's a it's a big day but you had a great weekend. So that's the price you pay. I did it just like for neglecting your responsibilities hunters but it was worth it. Because i really had a fabulous. I had the anti obviously wellness weekend. I had a weekend just like full of bender activities. I was just like drinking a lot but it was great. Like i got to see one of ben's best friends got engaged had like a very small celebration but it was so nice just to like dance in the moonlight. Like i was literally dancing under a full moon and it was a stunning and i don't think i ever would have had like an appreciation for the fact like i just so appreciated like dance floor. Do you know what i mean. I do know what you mean and also like shout out to the full moon. That's happening right now show. That's been a really beautiful moon and what's crazy about a full moon. It's like it's not specific to just us on the east coast like the whole world experienced at fullness literally no eight that doesn't sound right because half the world like looks and other way no i seen in sex in the city when like stephen miranda are fighting but he's calls from a pay phone is like hey look out the window right now and it's a full moon and that's when we're ending knows i combine after work.

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