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India is one of the tallest statues in the world. The bronze statue have started follow behind Patel is five hundred ninety seven feet high in a village in Gujarat. It's nearly twice as tall as the statue of. Liberty Patel was known as the iron man of India for integrating various states in the post independence era when the creation of Pakistan led to massive bloodshed. Between Hindus and Muslims. It took forty two months for two hundred fifty engineers and three thousand workers to build the statue. And it costs nearly four hundred three million dollars. The monument will have a museum with forty thousand documents two thousand photographs and a research center dedicated to Patel's life and work. China is allowing products made from endangered Tigers and rhinos now under special circumstances. It's reversing a previous band, and with conservation groups are condemning the move a notice from the cabinet says it'll control the trade and that rhino horns and tiger bones. Could only be obtained from farmed animals for use in medical research or inhaling tiger bone and rhino horn are used in traditional Chinese medicine despite a lack of evidence about their effectiveness in treating and the effect on wild populations Chinese demand for ivory is also being blamed as the driver behind the slaughter of African elephants despite Beijing banning all trade, and I've restarting from this year. No reason was given for the lifting of the ban which was implemented in nineteen Ninety-three amid a global push to protect fast disappearing endangered species a probe into a US coal company's been reopened in Columbia AP's. Mike Rossier reports the country's looking for possible. Militia and American coal company is under investigation by Colombian. Authorities looking into whether it financed a paramilitary group during Columbia's bloody civil conflict. Alabama based Drummond company Inc has operated in Columbia for decades. The chief prosecutor's office is focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Drummond to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen in the.

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