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Eight nine zero zero three three nine three or you can tweet us, I am at Sarah Gonzales t X Jason is at Jason but'real. So I just read Jason that I think this is going to be controversial here. Alabama public television Alabama has been making the news, Alabama, I think, has a new philosophy. What controversial thing can we do? That's going to get us public attention. To our state. So there was the cartoon Arthur, it's a children's show. I know it's it's plays on PBS and they decided the people who do the Arthur cartoon, they decided that they wanted one of the teachers, Mr. rat burn to have a wedding in which he marries, his partner, who is also a male. So they had a same sex wedding on the television show, Arthur. And by the way, I mean this is for young kids. I think my son watched it when he was four or five, so for younger kids will Alabama said, you ain't come in here with that. And they refused to air the Arthur episode with the gay wedding. Now, the one of the PR, people said, parents have trusted Alabama public. Television for more than fifty years to provide children's programs.

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