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Wave or marketing but in reality this very little marking out there for for the athletes but will you have opportunity to go to business and someone such as nike or whether a are under armor or or is shoe brands give you a platform to do so you know the best way to do a that is to perform so the best investment you can make it in the game if you use the farm for example is done that really came in asia you guys all she could people into he was deserving of it uh as 'cause he never play the game and you know not over now now not not only was he height but he he exceeded the high end go unbelievable business overtime people don't really realize his brought half i shoes no see an where different she was all the time right that will what's that yes five shoes with property an average of twenty two different color ways so if you add that up it's like a hundred in two hundred plus players shoes the comes out in the marketplace that sale the firm price point everything matters in that regard you know there's messaging there's communication what you want your story it'd be about but none of that can take place if you don't perform well on the floor never see the twelve on the bench had anything seem to shoe platform nothing so i think that you know i think for for the athlete understanding what can actually take place and then if you have the opportunity to to to be given their platform you know you had to take advantage of van's only one way to do next perform we work of performers base business your your your compensated based on performed period that's just how does nothing else gonna drive it zero o care what anybody tell you the vehicle engine said that drives too big issue performance on the floor to winners you some the you mentioned earlier about your philosophy as far as represented players and what your business um and you say the people that you guys can work with share that philosophy puk a vision as a have you ever had players that you know you sit down you talk to them we obviously.

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