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It will go down as whatever happens here I don't know I I I was convinced articles of impeachment were coming I still am pretty confident of that but I I really I I don't think they have sold the American public I really don't eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred Craig and Yuba city California hello Greg Hey Tom thanks for having me on you bet you bet all just like you mentioned for the last four five presidents I've wondered why is our foreign policy it always seems seems to stay the same we keep given the same account of money to the same kind of people people who don't like this Sir and it just never changes and now I know why because the president's change but the bureaucrats don't they've been there for thirty years yeah they think they run the show it's just her game it's not the president's the president gets in there I don't care which one it is he gets in there any girls while I'm just going to open a can of worms all say a couple things that sounds good I'm just gonna let these people continue one doing what they're doing and those people say I'll let the president say what he wants and will just not our head yeah and we'll just keep doing what we're doing because he's not going to fight this and now trump comes in here because what we doing here why don't why are we doing this and they don't like it Tom this is the he's he's in their sandbox playing around and they don't like it in there and get a handle everything every I think this is why this is going to help him not hurt him because that's what people send Donald Trump to Washington to do what to break up the establishment what we are what we are witnessing is the establishment on parade the I mean they're the they're good people dedicated people they love what they do god bless some but your right Craig that it was their show it presidents come and go with the you have worked with people I'm sure over the years Tom who've been there so long they just think they're ripped doesn't matter that they may be right it doesn't even matter that they may be good they've just been there a long time so there's a stop right yeah I mean that's just who they are and they get to thinking they're so important more important maybe than the press they know better they know better than the president they know better than you or I it doesn't matter and they just this is been going on since long before we can probably well Tom I mean no no no it's been going on forever I I I've often thought about that so the the present United States what a strange job because what they do is they lock you up in this white building and they put guards all around you you're like a prisoner you have more you have more people with guns surrounding his from the people in a prison and so you have access to a very small group of people and since you don't know the ins and outs of lower slot Bolivia yields a well who does well doctor so and so does well let me talk to doctor so and so and doctor so and so is the one who get with the jury here full of whatever doctor so and so thanks about lower Slobozia you're really limited in in what you know or can do so I can see where a president this president any president would say okay I yet yeah you're the expert built yeah do what you think right but that's not Donald Trump that's not it isn't but but if you look back in history and you start to wonder now maybe some of the issues and problems we've had with other countries might have been because some of the bureaucrats in charge will push in things that causes I mean if I look at the old Iraq war and how bush got into that and the information that he got turns out it wasn't right right I mean so you can go you can go all the way back to the Cuban Missile Crisis yeah and if you look at what the in on I mean John Kennedy you can say what you want about him but during that that missile crisis had he let certain war harks and generals have their weight will have been traded Cuba and have been a disaster Tom that was the plan will I mean so you know you look at Bolton and I like John Bolton I just think John Boles nineteen seventies I mean he wanders off he is on the corner Johns is old school as you can possibly do that he's really smart and I like him but but you're right you give nail them yes but and and there's you know there was a time when they may be at all like after World War two we stayed in Germany and France in the end we don't we stayed a lot of places but it's just not the same today Tom how many times has somebody said to you when you ask them a question why why you why you do that well wow I'll tell you what Craig we've always done it that way I hate that answer because you really do need fresh blood and even though they bring in new administrations I'm with you.

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