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The program eight feet happy new year seem to you my friend great show i think what fox is forgotten there as does he lost the war to us a while back and we could it took over his whole country but we were nice enough to stop at the rio grande day and natural allies all the mexican citizens above the bureau guerande so you got a pretty good deal i visit could have been a lot worse and i'm sure if it was she was on the other foot he wouldn't have been a quite so kind towards us no question about his southern border to lee and you know what they do do you know what they do to people that they catch coming in sneaking into the border it's certainly not give them a driver's license a social security card and welfare benefits no they put them in something called the thing that is a cave that is a crap hole in itself a mexican prison awful we shouldn't thing you know i apparently the haitians don't think that much of the country either aziz that flooding into nicaragua all the time which is right next door and but it's a much better the country it has more industry is more uh health care then the the haitians and sell apparently the nation's don't care that much for their country and uh the clintons ripped off and it clinton hillary as a lotta nerve come out with that state namely hilly she's taken hundreds of billions of dollars on the earthquake relief let's like like exposed 3 million of it goes to chelsea wedding that bill clinton adamantly denies this morning on twitter the erika weber obama when he called the midwestern voters uh clinging to their guns and religion land typically towards others didn't see the media get their their uh panties than a not over that one they do and he said publicly and donald trump is in fact he said this which i believe he did not but if he did this is a private needing or you can tell me that senators and congressmen and presidents of the united states don't use certain language at times the history of this country peru's and by the.

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