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Flaccid radio theatre want to get away from it all the FBI and peace and war among the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Now here's your host. Why Cops Sydney greenstreet starring in the new adventures of Nero Wolfe in an episode from sixty nine years ago today is ever twenty the second one thousand nine hundred fifty of the slaughtered centers? And we thank you for joining us on this Sunday. This is the twenty second of December and and The three hundred fifty six day of the year. We have nine days remaining until we get to twenty twenty and this is the beginning of winter for the northern hemisphere of the US the embargo act forbidding trade with all foreign countries passed by Congress on this date in eighteen o seven at the urging of President President Jefferson the Non Intercourse Act lifting the embargo act except for the UK and France passed Congress on this date in eighteen o nine. The the Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic in New York City in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven and on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty three. The official thirty day mourning period for president. Kennedy's assassination the nation ended President Johnson reflecting on his predecessor in office President Lincoln and John Kennedy move toward those nobler dreams and those larger visions where the needs of the people dwell their fight for or a better life or more people that legacy to their countrymen. It is the coin which they're worth Shelby County. It is the gauge which their memory shelby measured. Some people continue to believe that President Kennedy was killed by Johnson but the theory continues to be just that the Bach Mai hospital. Hanoi struck by seven bombs dropped by American airplanes on the fifth day of operation. Asian linebacker to on this date in nineteen seventy eighteen people positions medical students nurses and patients were killed while the media talked about the bombings. This senator Barry Goldwater bombing perspective. I know pounding hurts the feelings of any Americans but it's an honor. Vitnamese insists on keeping his war. Going the threatens American lives and the lives of friends. And I'm awful bobbing and bonding and embodying keeping again up until they come to the table and say I want to quit and I don't think that North Vietnam can sustain bombing much longer. Senator Barry Goldwater water on this date. Back in nineteen seventy two was on this date in one thousand nine hundred four subway. Vigilante Bernard gets shot. Four African the American men on an express train in the Bronx borough of New York City like Alexa. Sworn in as president of Poland in Nineteen Ninety Richard Reid attempting to destroy a passenger air plot craft on this date in two thousand and one by igniting explosives hidden in his shoes aboard American Airlines flight. Sixty three which is why we take off our shoes all the time we go through airport screening the repeal of don't ask don't tell policy seventeen year old policy banning homosexuals serving openly again. The military signed into law on this date in two thousand ten by President Obama and the Security Council two years ago today voted fifteen to nothing in the favor of additional sanctions on North Korea including measures to slash the country's petroleum imports. By Up to ninety percent. Among those passing away on this date in history writer Beatrix Potter Producer Daryl zanuck actress butterfly McQueen singer Dave Dudley Announcer Fred. Foy and Joe Cocker. You are suitable and born on this date in history orchestra. STRA leader Andre Kostelanetz US First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. ECTRA- Barbara Actress Barbara Billingsley. The MOM and the bieber leave it to beaver reprogram. The man who hosted matched him so very well. All those years gene Rayburn a country singer. Hawk Shaw Hawkins. Actress Ruth Roman and and the brothers. Robin and Maurice Gipp Gabe of the. BG's Happy Birthday to the man you know from Chicago. Hope and last man standing think Hector Elizondo journalists. Diane Sawyer's seventy four from two live crew Luther Campbell fifty nine voldemort in Harry Great Potter. Ralph fiennes is fifty seven. Ted Cruz turns forty nine today from the Blair witch project heather donahue forty five luke gallows of the WWE is thirty six American idol winner Jordin sparks. His thirty and Meghan trainor is twenty six and still all about that bass though of some of the people who celebrate the twenty second day of December birthday. If this happens to be your birthday hi we're the four freshmen and we just WANNA say..

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