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Russian uh but they're doing a political realities mcgrouther of europe gotten pretty used to the postcold war environment we speak with eric schmitt national security correspondent at the new york times is based in washington dc and as a piece entitled us troops training in eastern europe to echoes of cold war and he paid a visit to places like hungary bulgaria romania how about the numbers right now of troops well right now the us army all about thirty thousand troops in theatre another a lot more than i had a few years ago they've had to start building up again uh although it much less than what they had the peak of the cold war you're a decade or so every three hundred thousand army soldiers bear still a very small number compared what the russian pair gift across the border so a bit creepy a deterrent force more than anything else uh let the russians know that hey were were aware of what you're doing like crimea eastern ukraine and were bet be drawn a line year that no more in terms of at least the mainstay of europe uh and then you've got what the russians planning some possible one hundred thousand troop exercise in september yeah there are the us and european are watching this very closely the susa cobb adopted exercise worthy or at the uh the russians are going to be deploying some of their their best armored forces into belarus gardner poland and the baltic countries and there may be as much as other thousand troops altogether both in the western part of russia in the air and skied all kind of coordinating this much larger exercise uh that everyone watching very closely to kinda see what happen pacific way to see all the troops that go into belarus do they all come out again uh this is a big the russians that youth after two fiveyear like this in the pastor preacher or going into places like part the georgia republic of georgia in the past twenty seric era schmidt national security correspondent at the new york times twenty one minutes now after the.

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