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Comes into the building will be screened by a medical professional and we'll have a questionnaire and temperature checks anyone that doesn't pass that screening will be allowed to enter the building the meat industry is struggling to make a comeback Fred Aggie in that Smithfield's farmer John plant in LA county where they make Dodger dogs they have worked from home to monitor that checks employee temperature coming into the plant and they read out on the big screens or somebody can monitor the chainstay improved they meet that criteria that they may have a fever they send them back to goal more than eleven thousand cases of covert and sixty deaths are tied to three major meat processing plants in this country twenty three year old Peter Manfredonia as loved ones are urging the UConn senior to go to police they say he was last seen on foot in Pennsylvania's Poconos after he went on a rampage and killed two people family attorney Michael Dolan you have your parents your sisters your families side support so Peter from your parents we love you please turn yourself in police say a man for doing a kidnapped another person stole a car and drove to New Jersey where he released his hostage S. and P. futures are up four hundred ninety four this is CBS news good morning and welcome to CBS this morning joined Tony Dokoupil Anthony Mason and Gayle king weekday mornings on CBS this morning America is in an economic tailspin president trump rebuilt the U. S. economy and you can do it again now newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo is looking at the lockdowns if.

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