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Those kids are grown men 20 years after Maryland won the 2002 NCAA tournament WTO's George Wallace tells the D.C. sports huttle It's hard to believe it's been 20 years but just listening to that a couple of weeks ago hearing the players talk about how close technique group that was and how the coaches were the leaders and leaders on the floor and so on and so forth It was just a good memory to relive 20 years later and here's hope that you know with Kevin Willard in town that we get to do that again sometime soon Here are more memories about that team plus the final four preview get more on the podcast D.C. apple or wherever you get your podcasts on the coaching carousel butler fires laval Jordan after 5 seasons and an 83 and 73 record George Washington's reportedly set to hire Miami associate head coach Chris caputo to fill its vacancy caputo was on Jim Lara staff at George Mason for 9 years before going with him to the hurricanes Check out my thoughts on the move plus multiple moves out of Georgetown in today's bracket racket on the sports page At WTO P dot com Exhibition baseball nationals open the season in less than a week and they hope for a faster from Juan Soto He went to for four with a Homer and two RBI and last night's grapefruit league went over the New York mets Nats meet Miami tonight at 6 40 World Cup soccer Team USA learns its draw for the 2022 tournament next hour Nations to avoid Brazil Belgium France and Argentina Dave Preston WTO sports The town stories we're following for you this hour on WTO peace talks underway again between Ukrainian and Russian representatives they're meeting this time virtually Employers added 431,000 jobs last month That scene is another sign the economy is being resilient in the face of the highest inflation in 40 years Employers have now added at least 400,000 jobs for 11 straight months D.C.'s attorney general Karl Racine adding oath keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and four other members of the group to a federal lawsuit against those allegedly involved in the January 6th insurrection Also added the first member of the Proud Boys to plead guilty to charges related to that attack Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes The select committee looking into what former president Trump was doing during the insurrection says there is a roughly 7 hour gap in records from The White House that are unaccounted for More from CBS Bo Eriksson CBS News was told by several former Trump White House officials it was the responsibility of the former president's personal assistant and The White House staff secretary to document any calls mister Trump made on either his personal or staff member's cell phones throughout the day Because these calls are not tracked in The White House operator system But no records have been given to the January 6th committee that detail any calls from the afternoon when the capitol was being attacked Federal prosecutors are reportedly zeroing in on a December 2020 tweet from the former president that may have been a call for people on the far right to converge on the capitol January 6th I had in money news But that was down 50 points Sheets With an employee ownership plan is hiring hundreds here I'm Jeff label It's 1148 With traffic and weather on the 8s here's Rita Kessler Right now if you're in Virginia on 66 westbound still seeing some volume passing 29 in centerville but then the delay eases trying to head into manassas the crash before two 34 business has cleared However 29 really took a lot of the bailout traffic and you're going to find a delay from pleasant valley road headed toward two 34 business Northbound 28 that's not a bad trip but southbound is where the slowdown is coming out of Centreville trying to head to Compton in ordway That should be due to a work zone Eastbound 66 delays from net leak toward the beltway because of work southbound George Washington Parkway slows passing one 23 with a single lane getting by the work Now the northbound delay is back near the scenic overlooks with a single lane getting by the work also in Virginia southbound 95 after the franconia Springfield Parkway there may be a crash then the delay continues headed all the way across the aka Kwan then from Dale City into dumfries and then again in Stafford between courthouse road and the centerport Parkway Northbound 95 heavy passing 6 ten garrisonville road also some volume in dumfries and then in through newington northbound three 95 a bit heavy getting two the 14th street bridge Westbound tour on your wheelie avenue was a report of a wreck In Maryland it is southbound two 70 before montrose road the two left lanes are blocked with the crash leads That's what callers are telling us delays coming from 28 east bound on the ICC still at a crawl trying to head past shady grove road It is a single right lane getting by the wreck involving the overturned vehicle I'm Rita.

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