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They are a powerful thing you turn that bad drive into a maximum drive i sure did yes sweetie but not a drive angry three day no oh too bad yeah so i definitely kind of know firsthand that that that podcast you know more so than tv or movies or other kinds of media that do a similar thing i don't know they are just there's you know they're just a little more special there's an very intimate connection between the listener and the podcast that even goes beyond i think it's something that like when you listen to people talk about like jean shepherd on the radio that kind of thing but in a way it even goes beyond that because you know when jean shepherd is talking on the radio it's being broadcast out until waves and you just happen to be able to catch it whereas a podcast is something that you are like that new episode came in and you called it up and you like it there's just something about it that makes it feel like there's more of a relationship between you and the podcasters and max one drivers awaited like yeah strengthen that relationship in some ways by it's like the i don't know it's like it kind of reinforces just how strong that relationship business in a way that like i know means a lot does on the five how means a lot to you guys you know yeah and it's really nice and i and i think that you know just just know that the people who are doing it for max fun you know the only way they can you know they can break even doing it as be if you go to maximum fun dot org slash donate and you know think of it like a tip you tip your bartender he tip your youtube your rideshare driver you tip your barista if you're if you're nice when it to podcasters it really of an intimate relationship with any of those people no way i hate him i actively dislike them i'm pitching us cinemax show right now but having an intimate relationship with your rideshare driver boy now is it called intimate relationships which is the kind of title those shows would have or is it called like there's a cut like night ride or it's called dick lift.

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