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I didn't want him to be the target. I didn't. I didn't want the defense to be able to say he did. He did Because i still thought. And i still think like a defense attorney so i had to do is find out when the bodies would when when people were missing and we did and it turned out that he was in prison for at least two of the merge so i felt a lot more comfortable in dealing with them at that point in time because you know he obviously had nothing to do with it And gave us information on one three young ladies and gentlemen And what was that information. Where bodies were and where. Where did you ultimately first thing we did was. We went to staten island at the meet with the district attorney in staten island. And we did guy by the name of murphy. Usa recall bill murphy. He was a good guy. Real good friend of john case and myself as i like them a lot. I like them a lot right And through him we got a search warrant for his mother's house in staten island. We went to his mother's house and there were a couple of new york city cops there that thought we was a joke. What it was. You know what's what's this all about. You know this is just silly and You know if it's general bodies worm. We dug him up and sure enough they were he had. Cut them up They were in plastic bags But we found two bodies and as soon as the first body was found one on the cops from new york. Moustapha just alerted. The media was in within minutes and so the two bod the two female bodies that were found we had discussed them in the previous episode. Was maria chela. Chela and deborah osborne. So they were killed by bagan wall to. Do you know the the manner of their death. One was stabbed. God's in god's warren was stabbed. I honestly i don't recall jello. She was shot. Okay i think in the had.

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