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Carpenter of the national weather service tracking the storms the controversy continues the president vowing to drop illegal immigrants often sanctuary cities center the courts brand new ruling yesterday from the ninth circuit court of appeals temporarily frozen injunction issued Monday to keep the department of homeland security from turning asylum seekers back to Mexico. Fox's Jillian Turner reporting. Tiger Woods in the final grouping at the master's first time in twelve years. Francesco Molinari top leaderboard. This is Fox News. Bucks. They're team weather update. This is FOX T meteorologist Patrick beat scattered showers and thunderstorms continue to move through the mid south overnight, low chance of seeing strong to severe thunderstorm, especially in portions of northern Mississippi a few showers likely for your Sunday with temperatures struggling to warm into the mid fifties. Tomorrow afternoon sunshine in warmer. Temperatures to start the work week would rain chances returning next week to find out when you need that umbrella again, tune in good morning. Memphis starting at six from the Fox Sports studios in Los Angeles. Here's Steve sicker. Tiger Woods is tied for second place at the masters two strokes behind Francesco Molinari end of three-quarters Golden State's playoff opener against the clippers warriors ninety eight seventy nine Steph curry already thirty points and thirteen rebounds Orlando with a surprise win a game. One at Toronto one zero four one zero one Kawai Leonard of the raptors twenty five points loss teammate, Kyle Lowry. Oh of seven shooting from the floor in Brooklyn surprise, Philadelphia. One eleven to one oh to Luke Walton reportedly agreed to become the new coach at Sacramento and H L playoff overtime wins for Washington at Nashville and currently at Boston. It's the Bruins three nothing over Toronto. With about fourteen minutes left to major league baseball on f s one right now. Bottom of the seventh inning, it Lanta Braise leading the Mets tend to four Mets announcer. Ron darling says he'll take.

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