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And don't forget your www dot. Charlie bear dot com for delicious. Treats for your dogs after the first one. Is you know they didn't they. Try to cast another actor as freddy krueger. Now this would have just pissed me off. Lack of respect did they. Because i know west didn't direct the second one. I know but the fact that they did not ask you to do the second one or that you wanted to hit a asked me to do it. And now they're i've heard was a money thing but i never remember. I don't remember there being money thing. i just remember there being a scheduling thing and because i had agreed on the money. My asian agreed on the money he made demands with them about the scheduling. And so they were gonna use a double for me for a scene in a steam room so they use the double for me. And i was supposed to our start the next day and i literally remember being in makeup late in the day like two in the afternoon and they had finished with the second day of using this double and the director jack shoulder had gone to bob shaye in the on said he got a reshoot. This stuff with robert. It's horrible skies walking around like frankenstein and to was you. Don't know and i really have to thank jack shoulder for stopping shooting while i was getting made up in the makeup trailer when i finally scheduled i'd finished whatever else i was doing some other movie. And the a They brought me night and they were already a couple of days into the shooting of the boys at the high school and Rob me in. And i was there getting my make. I think i was my for my one and only late call for makeup. I had up until about normally on there at the crack of dawn and I think i saw the other guy for from it. I saw them. They had a mask on him or something. I don't know if they add the right bank on it. Because they hadn't designed for him and kevin yeager was the makeup guy for part. Two great kevin roper new sleepy hollow created schalke in and kennedy egger in his air putting on my megabit and he'd prepared it so obviously we've been we've made the deal is he'd handed the the molds and everything already gotten the molds david miller and had done all the sculpting on the prosthetic thesis and it was finer and thinner I remember. I don't quite remember going to kevin shop at. Perhaps i did before that. Maybe i did go to go to kevin shop and do a test but there there had been a delay and scheduling But i really have jack shoulder. Thank for being the guy you know. The director are saying you gotta use raw years. Nobody else so. There was no discrepancy. There was no not ever thinking of not casting you in the second one because of money or anything like that they offered me. I was offered the part. And i don't think it was money is i i. I remember I was still. Perhaps i had just finished the second or i was still doing the series of e or i just finished series of the we were all sitting around with our fingers cross would be picked up and And i had renegotiated. And that's where we you know. As far as making my big riot. I marinella straight. You should have been was quite easy communities. Say they're offering know this amount. Fine fine i'll do it. You know but they have to wait. Wait done with the last episode of my of v them. That i'll be on hold for v to hear of on picked up and we'll sit in nightmare announced and they were all. They were kind of upi about that. But but yeah. But robert. I like i know i would have been an anybody listening. We've been like i'm freddie fucking krueger. That movie was. I'm fred krueger here. So up michael. You have to understand back then. My head was in v. v was my international success. Were flying me over to italy or award. I think i'd already done one movie in europe which i love. I love working in europe. In spain or somewhere. And i i loved playing freddie and i knew freddie was a hit there was only one freddie and it had just begun to take off huge internationally and this would have been eighty five and my head was not just in the freddie gruber playbook i was still hoping i'd get picked up for the because then i would be rich than each. And so i wasn't thinking about negotiating. My agent was just trying to think clear the schedule make this.

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