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With karen competence. That's what i am looking for. Karen level competence here and we have to really say the truth. The idea that madison reed. Get your color so accurate. Such good hair color. It makes your hair healthy. And then they're just deliver delivering it to you on a sweet us schedule so the second you see those routes boom. Here's my delivery delivering her. This tim me and i have to color that i go between one and i'm like dark and then i go lighter and i'm like i don't like myself like this and it's both of them are the perfect thing that i want when i constantly changed my mind. It's it's really not. Yeah that's great so find your perfect shade at madison dash reed dot com and our listeners. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with code murder ten. That's murder ten at madison dash reed dot com. Go by okay. here's my last one. Hey ladies i love the podcast even if it sometimes freaks my roommate out yeah. That's right standby us. This story is about my parents spooky house. And they're very good dog. All caps the dogs georgie and franky. Look at how quiet leaping They have to stay in the room. Yeah that's right. It's just like me when i used to ask to be in my cousin. Cheryl's room you just have to zip. The lip can stay in there for as long as you want sympolic okay. My parents house was built in thousand. Nine hundred fifteen and they bought it just before. I was born in the eighties. It's a pretty normal house. Two stories three bedrooms. A big yard an unfinished basement. We've never finished the basement as it's prone to flooding and we've always just use it as a general sort of laundry workshop etc space. It's just a little bit creepy. The way that all unfinished basements are but never freaked me out too much as a kid when you grow up in an old house. Creepy basements and spooky noises at night like noisy. Radiators are just part of life anyway around two thousand eight. My parents adopted a new dog. A black lab. Mix named clark or clarke. Missed that name when i was reading. That's the funniest. Our child to dog had passed away. My sister and i were long grown and gone and my parents wanted a furry friend around. The house clerk was six months old and incredibly sweet. He'd been rescued from a bad situation and for years he hated to be alone..

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