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This list ends right booker's value is complicated because similar to kyri he checks a lot of boxes of a a lot of the boxes you would have with an empty stats guy, but there's also some intangible value that's harder to gauge. Okay. So for those keeping score at home Andrews, not admitted defeat onto mar or Booker yet. Hopefully he'll come around by the end of the. Booker behind some shitty players last year. We knew currently have Ingram behind Nick Patou m- who is permanently three of nine from the floor for seven points. So please, rob, explain how we got here. I trust that you were probably on the right side of this one, but hit me. I think I might be even more pessimistic, but Ingram is actually. I may beat the bad mouth piece for this argument. I mean, I say this all on all earnestness, like I've seen plenty of him on film of seeing his numbers, obviously had a pretty productive season. What is the evidence to date? That Ingram is a net positive basketball player because I don't think we have a lot of it. I think that's tough because the Lakers in general have been dysfunctional for every month. He's been in LA. And I think numbers alone, like he's sixteen five, four cysts, forty, seven percent shooting thirty nine percent from three and he's the same age as Jason Tatum. Basically, he's six months older, like even assuming moderate progress. He's, he's gonna be really, really good next LeBron and I just don't understand. So you're basically docking him because he's had bad teammates, is that is that it? No. I mean, if anything, I think the fact that he's had that teammate because numbers look a little better than they are like, I don't think Brandon Ingram is a forest as per game kind of player. I think he's in that provisional our point guarded injured. So somebody has to handle the ball kind of mode. Know he, he's the Jeff green point forward layers in that regard. How though. That was not meant to be as a really. I think we should have probably had a chat before this podcast, Andrew pigs, Brandon Ingram over Ben Simmons two years ago, and he's just held on for dear life. And he's running this one into the ground as far as he can possibly run it. Hey, Ed you, here's an Brandon Ingram. Trivia question for you. Do you remember Andrei Ingram like that? Super League guy who came on. I'm still waiting for that to be a Disney movie in like ten years. Okay. So Andrea groom played two games for the Lakers. His career high for three pointers was for because he made four threes and one of those two games, you know, Brandon Ingram, career high for three pointers in the NBA. He's spent two seasons. You think he's going to be a top fifty player. You're ready to sacrifice your whole reputation on his his rising. Why is it so hard for both of you to wrap your mind around the concept that a young guy can improve? Okay. This shooter that he is at like nineteen and a half years old is. Not what he's going to be at twenty two or twenty one which he'll be this year. I don't understand. No, we understand. I'm just saying right now, you know, he's been in the NBA for two years. His career high four, three pointers. So you know if he's going to be this big time, huge wing, who's going to be like, fantastic. Let's make sure he's the the best Ingram on the Lakers roster before we get to far when it comes shooting. No, look, we like Ingram, but you're just early on and you and what I was trying to say what the book thing. It wasn't a harp specifically on Booker. This is just one of your blind spots. You like the young guys and we have a lot of readers who the young guys who think the young guys are going to be there twenty four twenty five year old selves when they're twenty one or twenty two. And it just usually does not work that way and Ingram also by the way, Mr. ton of time last year with injuries, you're going bang on. So you have to bang on Ingram for his injury issues to the injury, things your cop out for every night..

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