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Late this afternoon. Clay helton has been fired at usc. His team non lost to stanford which is a pretty bad team but was she milly. Aided and the big concern was that the program had no direction the bigger concern was that there would be nobody at the next couple of games once they got back home. And i think this is smart. There was no way he was going to survive. The cat calls were beginning and we talked to mike bone. I think about a year ago on our program. And when you're when you're not letting director and this is not your guy you're better off just getting you know just cleaning it out. Don't give that guy chance to to save his job like he did a couple of years ago. Just fire him make a change. But it's it's also interesting to think about this dysfunctionality of southern cow which is one of the biggest names in college. Football history After pete carroll left lane kiffin Was there He was fired on the tarmac. In september of twenty thirteen at owes you're on came in as the interim coach got let go at the end of the year but even though many felt like he probably should have retained the job. sarkisian comes in. He went down in flames and was fired and now hilton has been fired all in a relatively short period of time so who will replace him. The names the possibilities will be endless until a year ago. The hot name was urban meyer. I think you can scratch that off the list. Not that anyone really want meyer right now. But you'll hear everyone under the sun mentioned for this job. Let's get back to the call today. Eight five five to four two seven two eight five and danny is in lake charles. Hello betty how are you doing great. You've probably talked about this Already you know during the season but this is my first time Actually watching the show during the season but My question is do you think that coach joe will Survive of this season at lsu or do you see A token chains like Midseason coaching change or something and With the news of john. Emory not being able to return. You know for the season. The thank that'll have Some kind of impact on On just future we'll video. I think i think john henry leaving for whatever reason and i'm still not sure i understand what the explanation was is a big deal. He's a significant blue chip player as far as co. I think it's difficult to answer your question. And this is not one. That i'm dodging because i don't have enough information yet I think every game becomes very important to the fan base and so far. I think they're a little bit. The next critical game is mississippi state on the road You know if he can get a win there i think he quite everyone down But if that game goes the wrong way then suddenly he has lost two games. That fans and media did not expect him to lose before the season in. That's before you take a look at the schedule which is brutal We're talking about issue Hosting florida you have. Am you have alabama auburn and ole miss so The possibility is is very difficult. So i just cannot make that call right now i think This is not quite helton. Who has been on the hot seat for three or four years. I mean it owes. You're on two seasons ago when the national championship. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it very very much. Let's check out. Mike in knoxville tennessee. Hey paul hope you're doing well today back your mind just a quick comment and first off with quite help me and fired. Oh miss battery careful. Everybody knots knows the. Us the play kitchens dream job. Just kidding have any type in lane. Kiffin go to go to southern cal is my question. I'm kidding i'm i'm very well. Listen wanted to talk about volunteer really quick. I thought this past week was one of the biggest games in for ut. This season just based on the trajectory the program. Do you see any way that you get to sixty six this year I think it's very difficult now. based on what we saw saturday and i i'll i'll see if we can. We can call the schedule up here in memphis tennessee schedule and and try to evaluate it. Because i think there were a couple of games and those ga- in pittsburgh was that was that was a fifty fifty game that i felt like tennessee. So okay one game. I don't think florida. I think florida missouri losses. So that's if you start adding it up. That's three losses Alabama's four georgia's five. So then we move around and come back and can South carolina. that's a tossup. Game ole miss i don't think is a toss up game but it's still a game. Tennessee could win at kentucky There you go. I think i may have missed the last time around. So i see two three four five. I think it's going to be very difficult. Okay thanks possible but difficult Tennessee is going to have to beat somebody. They're not supposed to Whether that's a kentucky whether that's Missouri ole miss. Somebody like that. But they can't There's not enough gas. That was the game. They had to win to two breath easily and they let a getaway. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Chuck is up next in south carolina. Hello chuck hey paul. Thanks for taking my call. And i'm your bird dog in tennessee We enjoyed our weekend there with the granddaughter and take a little different take on the game. And i'm also born and raised in pittsburgh and i follow the day to day sure and i think Tennessee played them even and even outplayed them. You wouldn't believe it. Paul but tennessee has more speed than those that means they should have won the game but Bilton missed about three wide open by five or ten yards open receivers and then there's one of your professional caller said earlier. They had fifteen penalties in that game. Two of 'em paul came from the left tackle on the one in three yard line when they had first and goal on the one and three in ended up getting pushed back to the twenty or.

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