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To the racist day page on DR dot com. Mike fingers crossed this race stays on the turf. But it sounds like there's some pretty significant weather rolling through the New York area. It wouldn't be surprised at all. If this is still on the turf, it'll be run over a rather soft going at the end of the day Chad Brown, look, he usually shows up with pretty good charge in any of these great stakes races on grass this race. No different call provision. He almost got there last year at I wonder with a little bit of a cleaner trip. Possibly was he best in there. You know what there's an argument that he was tennis race last year with the replay up. Now. I mean, this is him, you know, he sort of gets these kinds of trips. And a lot of his racist. Because he's always at the back of the pack, but you're gonna see in significant traffic here through the upper stretch about really running in this race. He drives through between here. He's going to get up behind leaders have to go through between horses again. And then he's just going to miss. He's finishing like a wild horse here. This was a really nice performance. He's come back this year as a five year old Matt he's only one for six, but he was run four triple digit buyers in a row. He's been is good this year as it was last year. And he's getting back to a more appropriate distance for this race in getting back to act with up to three for four lifetime. Never been out of the exact in those four lifetimes guards, we respect to me concertedly Runwell in here you and I are seen this race. Very similarly tell us a little bit about Zulu alpha. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I mean, he's he's just. just really improved his last two starts. So this is where I'm gonna wind up. You know, you've got over here from Ireland last year as a four year old. I thought he looked like a horse who had a lot of potential in his first two starts over your both winds, and he sort of lost his way after that never really improved. But he's turned it back around especially in his last four starts blinkers of come off. And he's really upped his game. Let's go go back to his most recent win here in this more Aki. He got a perfect trip in this race. I realized that but he also really runs in the stretch. You're gonna see them slip up the rail here that's bigger picture now stablemate who's trying to rally behind him. But he wins this race very easily mad back to back triple digit buyers for the source now he goes into Mike makers barn. I liked the way on this one right now. And I think he's really well in this feels and I think it might have another trip like got in this race right here. I agree with you from tactical standpoint, it just feels like Zulu ALPHA's is gonna work at another really good situation in here. He can handle little bit given the ground. That's not gonna be an issue for you know, the distances and the problem is you made mention. He's just in career form a couple of triple digit buyers back pocket in each of the past two races. I think he's actually the hours to be in here. We'll find out what kind of price we get into fingers crossed. This race stays on the grass, Mike, and I are both going to go with the number three Zulu alpha in the red Smith, Nicole Russo taking a look at her pedigree picture, you're gonna go out to del..

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