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That led to a deadly officer involved shooting in Pasadena officer started chasing the driver for noticing vehicle violation they chase the car through the city streets have the motorist refused to pull over began driving recklessly police eventually stopped the driver near Corson street now Avenue then exchanged gunfire driver was shot dead at the scene the officer was shot in the leg detectives are still looking into the incident Rosemead officials worried about LA county's plans to set up some temporary housing for the homeless at a local motel city says he's been told to the motel six in San Gabriel Boulevard will be used to take care of the one hundred twenty seven homeless people might be a risk from corona virus and that none of them will have their background check for any possible criminal activity city officials say they find that very alarming want to have these checks done to help make sure the surrounding community will be safe after being shut down because of the court of virus pandemic beaches in Los Angeles county may re open as early as next week will be a phased approach not a free for all our marketing opening the features in Los Angeles county as early as next Wednesday for limited activities and those would be let me first game walking jogging moving on the beach what won't be allowed in city in picnicking laying out Gerald Baker with the county's department of beaches and harbors says they need to minimize the crowds that gather a draft plan for re opening beaches indicates the first phase would be about six weeks long the plan was a collaborative effort between county and beach city officials only however with regard to anything involving public health the health department that if the call about let's do a parts let's start she says it would cover the coastline from Torrance and San Pedro to Malibu with the city of Long Beach doing its own thing beaches for now will remain closed in Long Beach but the bike and pedestrian path along the sand portion of the beach are set to open on Monday Margaret Carrero can extend seventy news radio virtual summers for its internship program has come just in time for students who have had their is canceled because the crime virus pandemic must love sports came about after Raleigh and gray who works at LA base sports entertainment agency Wasserman says she saw a need trying to make lemonade but what we can do is really introducing students to one another in a way that they may not have gotten when they were in turning and their various companies great tells can exceed ten week program is all online and will not disappoint them to the idea that they don't necessarily have to work in something traditional I haven't always done that myself there's tons of ways to be either within or adjacent to the sports industry and that's what a lot of the summer curriculum will be about she says going to also be industry leaders and companies participating including draftkings NASCAR and Turner sports the deadline to apply is Monday celebrating mother's day ballet area unions will host food distributions today in LA in Long Beach starting at nine AM families impacted by the pandemic and pick up food at the LA county federation labor located on James M. would Boulevard trying to remove food distributions will be done at Jordan high school on Long Beach starting at nine and the LA county federation of labor labor community services and the LA regional food bank are participating in the event six twenty genius already checked your money many companies have shifted gears expanding beyond the kinds of products they were making before the corona virus pandemic Montreal based apparel maker Gildan is producing non medical face masks and isolation gowns for use in the US after making a name for itself making underwear and T. shirts you may see sometimes they're labeled under blank T. shirts that's one of the big business usually just making the blank T. shirts selling them to companies that imprint logos on them Bloomberg reporter celery Westerlo says that demand has dried up or should be gathering at a sports event or a concert at the moment it was not a big leap for the owner of the American apparel brand to start making masks and gowns at its idle Honduras factories are expected make a hundred and fifty million background what thirty two you know to be like a sort of a side project for now the move into masks and gowns is considered temporary but guild and has not ruled out a permanent change we.

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