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Say when your message when you say i'm ron at mastodon dot social because that's the server ramon but so to be clear when you connect to twitter you don't have a server you're connecting to because you're signing up on twitter's back in which is a collection of a bunch of different servers that twitter is managing and hosting their line of separation here where it doesn't make sense to view them under is similar there knowing this on the same level of obstructs right so when you sign up on twitter twitter dot com is like the server that you pick essentially in terms that we were talking of course background twitter is hosted on thousands of machines in various data centers etc but that's the different level of obstruction now when you sign up messed on social massimo social is your server and again in the background it runs on a couple of different machines right but the difference is that mestre social is just one of the servers that you could pick you could pick octave dot social you could pick two dot cafe something like that you know there's there's over two thousand of them and i can't list them all but the the way that they are run individually can be very different and can go very much indepth multiple data centers etc depending on on what you're talking about but the main difference is that they're many and you'd have this this top level separation.

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