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On Capitol Hill. It's 2 48 today building. US cabin. Police do have several streets blocked for security and crowd control Capitol Hill at including portions of 1st 2nd, New Jersey Avenue, and now it also appears that a portion of Independence Avenue Might be blocked as well. And I apologized for that. That this Russian, I'm gonna reset here and I think we're back. Um, Independence Avenue is mostly open from the Botanic Gardens in Aaron space toward the AG headquarters and you're the tidal basin. I think it's safe to say constitutionality will remain closed between the White House and Capitol. For a while. And, of course, the plan Road closures downtown around federal triangle so better off not trying to travel travel downtown right now, if you're coming in on 3 95 from the 14th Street bridge across the waterfront, the lanes are open. But the Rams to 14th Street and 12th Street are blocked as a part of the demonstration closures Now in D. C to 95 north, bound between Pennsylvania Avenue and East Capitol Street. The left side blocked by a crash south down the responders were blocking the left side. So DC to 95. You're getting by both ways pretty slowly, north and south bound until they get this one. Clear. Good news is in the suburbs through Maryland and Virginia around the Beltway. Any volume delays are gonna be very much manageable, and they're no major incidents reported. We did have one crash in Fairfax County Parkway north down between 95. Barter wrote, the traffic is able to get by with a minimal delay and at least a single file for all of your residential and commercial heating needs. Choose the five star heating experts a crop Metcalf call 1 800 double crop of is a crop. Metcalf dot com Dave Tilden. W T o P Travel, It's turn to Amelia Draper. Now it's Storm Team. Four rounds really hung on to the region today. Unfortunately, I did think that they would be clearing out a little bit more so, but heading into the overnight.

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