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Into Terry town will be nicely and it's quiet right now on the Merritt parkway as well as the Connecticut turnpike will be back in less than ten minutes with another traffic update right here on WCBS hand meteorologist Matt Randy yeah what's our day looking like later on well it's looking fairly quiet that's nice will have a little bit of sunshine as well that'll be nice cool for late August are normal highs in the low eighties this time of year we will have a high of seventy three and then heading into Monday night well partly cloudy skies low down to sixty three Tuesday still on the cooler side with clouds breaks of sunshine alive seventy four and the warmer weather returning a Wednesday it'll be more humid as well with clouds and some of a couple showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening hi up to eighty times of clouds and sun on Thursday with a high building up to eighty three and then plug E. of sunshine on Friday hi again eighty three right now it's partly cloudy temperatures range from sixty one in Irvington to sixty seven in Rahway in mid town at sixty five going down to sixty one Iggy already thanks you're welcome just after twelve noon in mid town three men pulled off a jewelry heist in the heart of the diamond district CBS choose Christina fan has more from west forty seven the employees told officers the three suspects initially posed as customers entering all the on and company jewelers around noon police say at some point and then suddenly pulls out a gun zip tied and duct tape the four employees they then ran away with a large amount of jewelry and duffel bags we spoke to one man who said he was eating at a nearby restaurant when a man claiming to be one of the victims walked in days and shake and saying his boss had been forced to open up the state he sat down T. A. like really quick cues like tripping around you can tell like something bad really have been told us like yeah we got robbed crazy the setting down nobody got injured said he's happy to be alive no word yet on what was taken it's one eleven this is Serra Reilly auto parts story driving cross country with two young children is ambitious to say the least then our check engine light came on we pulled into o'reilly auto parts and they tested it turned out it was a faulty sensor they referred us to a great mechanic.

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