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A snake? All these offerings were brought by various attendance. And this is where we get zombies. The dead brought back to life by the power of dark voodoo rituals. We'll save an indepth look into zombies, by the way for voodoo besa suck down the road. But the zombie part would be played by the by some male dancer, or or by the or the voodoo king representing the Legrand's zombie or the great zombie at this point in the ritual. Right. This power of you know, life over death at this point the ritual. Everyone present would would come forth to dance and drink from the snake or the evening supply of toffee raw alcoholic beverage, you know, completely possessed by snake power. So I guess they filled. The snake up some kind of fitter. I don't know. Maybe there during his blood the dancers repair off with lust in there is and the ritual with some. Times ended an actual orgy Hailu Safina now this kinda shit. Of course scared. A lotta white people think about early nineteenth century Christians hearing about or worse witnessing these rituals. Right. They undoubtably thought of them as being satanic. There was a growing concern. Amongst whites such meetings were you know, being held to to work black magic against them. The plot. Some kind of revolution for this reason. The city of New Orleans issued a municipal ordinance eighteen seventeen which forbade the gathering of slaves for dancing or any other purpose except on Sundays, and then only in places designated by the mayor super worried about this shit to the point that laws were being passed. This is the atmosphere. Madam lottery is living in one of our time suck researchers actually spoke with a practitioner of of do in a dedicated student of who do this person wished to remain anonymous, but did promise not to turn any of us into Samis the outline the similarities between of virgin vote do who do many Celtic Bavarian other. Early or other early people's traditions as we mentioned who do is the practice of folk magic while voodoo is the much larger religion in a way, you can think of is like Catholicism or Lutheranism or or being Methodist, and who is like thirty people who are all related in some way. Tending a snake handling service in a backwards Appalachian trailer park church adherence of do not necessarily practice. The much more blood related rituals of hoodoo. An example of hoodoo is the popular voodoo doll sounds counterintuitive voodoo and hoodoo or a few other voodoo dolls is considered a sympathetic magic. Otherwise, defined is use of personal effects facilitate change in a person's life for circumstances. Good or bad avoid Udal, which again is really who do starts out as a small cloth. Doll sown by the practitioner and the likeness of the target individual or into the light as the target individual the cloth can be made of any material. However, it's preferred the material come from the clothing of the target. The doll is fixed with a mix of herbs, right? Or herbs cloth personal items of the targeted like hair fingernails picture of drawing. Their name end or birthday written on a piece of paper and possibly possibly a couple pairs of balls. We don't know for sure probably not it's not run anywhere. Wants the doll has been completed practitioner will breathe life into the doll. And then so it's shut thinking about the the accusations of mouth sewn shut now in when they about the torturing the lotteries supposedly did from that point. The doll is like Chucky on crack rights believed to be a living breathing effigy of the target everything. The two who do who do or does to the doll is meant to affect the target like in that one Scooby doo episode with Globetrotters. Other examples of who practice or curses, like, stop, your slander, this ritual uses a cow tongue slice down the center and filled with peppers pins, rusty nails, and sometimes even urine man they say God works in mysterious ways to who do. God's mysterious shit all of these items are sewn into the cow tongue and nail to fucking tree. Targets prop property as one does to invoke spirit powers this curse dot to cause pain and discomfort in the target whenever they slander the who doer, and there's you know, ten tons of other spells that are done the do. And who do they get even more popular when yellow fever is brought.

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