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So we're talking before we got into the story about your subpoena. And i love that. I'm going to just start using that. All the time now is just. I'm not answering questions today. But you're the service sector so you can't go your customers and be like. Can you help me find where my pizza is. And you're like. I'm not answering questions today. Go back to your seat. That doesn't work so you have to be real careful some contact us. No but i mean there are other contexts where i could use it. I like the idea of only asking questions of law enforcement. That's asking me questions. I agree and i'm curious. My attorney is ultimately going to want to put me on the stand and this this federal case against me. Because i want to be on the stand. I think that's my best course of action here but am i allowed to answer their questions with questions because they don't say anything about it okay. I don't think that once you're on the stand. I don't think there's much getting away with it right like you've you've sat on the stand and now it's time to answer some questions and you know in theory. I would answer questions. But i would answer them not in a way that they were expecting well. That's you certainly don't want to walk down the primrose path. What does that the primrose. I don't exactly code and go ahead and look up what what who goes path is but the primrose path. Is this notion that you begin walking down this delightful little path and then book something hits you on the head and perhaps your robbed or whatever the whatever happens in the story that has to do with primrose paths. I don't know entirely but That's the idea is you don't want to walk into the trap. Whatever the trump is makes sense and But it's difficult to know what that trap is and that's why you don't answer the questions if you can avoid it if you're on the stand during your own trial. There are a lot of people who believe you're guilty if you don't just take the stand period end of story and well it humanizes you to the jury as well and that's always a benefit. There's really no downside to that if you can be careful but one of the issues. I've seen the liberty community in particular lately is so many people just assume that they can be careful when talking to cops like they just assumed that they know how to not reveal information or they believed that whether or not they assume they believe they know how to talk to a cop and not give out any information got convicted on his situation with his name. Change the story. i am not okay. Well i know something happened and it was some clerical error somewhere that i don't know how i there for every step of it so i'll go ahead and tell you so there's this guy he's a little smug He does a libertarian radio program and has done it for that point something like fifteen years telling people. Don't talk to the cops and over. Don't talk to the cops so the cops come to the door and he immediately rushes right out there hammer and nails enhance so that you can crucify himself to the nearest cross. And he doesn't sound unlike he. And i have to say and so the cops ask questions they pick up some you know they. They get the information they want. He has no idea what this is about other than you know. Like they're asking specifically about his name change. Well turns his weird. Some name Well it's his name was changed then. They wanted him to change his name because they wouldn't use his His preferred name until he changed his name so he goes to their process to change his name and then they arrest him for it now. If you have to remember is that they put the paperwork and then apparently they needed to reduce something and they couldn't redo it because his name was changed and he didn't have documents for the new name and he was basically stuck in political limbo right His name he both existed in didn't exist all the same time. So they're bureaucrat. Whose there helps them out with the paperwork and get some stuff done at. Everything's fine and he's got the name change. Will the cops find out about it. Some manner or another. And they don't arrest the bureaucrat. Who was there every step of the way they arrest ian and they run through trial and they find him guilty. Lou what did they arrest him. But with the work was put in the wrong order immediately. Worn falsification is the so he did not swear to tell the truth and he's not so tell the truth so he he did tell the truth right. It was a clerical error or something like that. Look i'm not here to litigate. The case but i will go ahead and say that it was in fact the truth what they were saying that the state was saying that he you know that he was involved in telling something that wasn't true because it name was changed but it wasn't changed all at once like he was literally in a political limbo. There was nothing that could be done. To undo this gordian knot he would have been a non person for the rest of the. It had this bureaucrat. Not done what they did. And then the other bureaucrats coming arrest him for it. That's what i'm that's my claim on this. Okay so then you know the he gets found guilty. And i write a letter to the judge. Please let me come in as a character witness for the For this Because you know. Ian can't say anything that makes these people happy. They literally in the sentencing. That i was there for. I didn't go for any of this other stuff. I'm wasting time on the and shenanigans as far as in concert in. I'm sitting there and they literally asked for six months in jail for their paperwork. Snafu this guy has to go to jail because we had a paperwork snafu and you're going to six months jail.

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