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In terms of the the placement and see who gets the closest i've i think that's i i'd be okay with that i mean we've already kinda covered for a guy oh maybe we should just call our top three well i don't know ulcers get a down the assad having our top three would that's true were there i didn't go to jail i oh no math okay all right mike do you have this top of mind i feel like i still need to think you throw all right i guess i can sort of filibuster while you figure it out so i'm between over yeah exactly to blather ron for no with no particular substance whatsoever that truly as my superpower uh so i guess i'm so i'm still between justin cody an alex and conner for fourth place i announcer buying into what just saying about the biggest personalities going out ford so i feel like alex and conner might finish in that force law which is sad because they been probably the most entertaining team across at least the last few episodes of the race similar bluff to a top three i feel like give me jessen cody third henry in seconded and i gotta go with my draft pick christie in jet in first place so this will give you that one one more time i the shares yet in first place yet so extreme in first place yale secondplace big brother thirdplace indycar bringing up the rear okay just how do you have it okay well i'm gonna go i'm going to go a different way i think christie and jan definitely have a good winners arc akkad buy them as winners absolutely but i'm going to go.

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