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Are none bigger. In our next gifts. How J. How now? Brown cow. Neal McCoy. Happy 40th anniversary. Okay, remember the talent? You had it? Your 25th anniversary. Oh, my God. Still never top that. That was a good man. And I was right. They won't because there's may remember, Mary, May we remember how we did? Yeah, it was 15 years ago. OMG! Where has the time gone? How Happy Anniversary buddy 40 years. Good for you. That's about how long I've been in this whole country and Western music minutes to 40 years. Yep. Think it's time for us to retire. That anything? So you had the anniversary better. It's like, you know, the great Neil much That's that's tremendous. Yes, we've got more special guests may be the biggest of all joining us next, but first we check traffic and we do that with money. Cook money 6 35 westbound midway to right lanes are still getting by and that's about it there, though, on 1 83 west by the brown trail, the left lane still blocked off and we've got one eye 20 westbound Bowman Springs in the right lane That's backing me up on my way to 87. Wghp first traffic. I'm Mani Cook brought to you by your North Texas dealer Association. Cars, trucks, SUVs cutting technology. We can drive. Get behind the wheel and get under the hood with a career in automotive technology. Go to n t x dot com to find out how you can live your passion, a career as an automotive tech Brad Martin in the W B A P Weather Center Beautiful weather for the hell J parade later in downtown for work. Today we look forward to that. Mostly sunny and mild high Today 57 wins over the North 8 to 10 Low Tonight 40.

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