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Tron dot com to learn more because Saito by lutron, welcome home to peace of mind. Hit record here. And I'm meeting record on this one. I'm not even gopro any of announce Oga. Oh, really, oh, it's on. But it's not recording don't fuss with me. You ready to go some feel that you're saying what are the traveling? Telemarketers. I am cleaner. And we're back. Oh, we're passing Davis. Now. Welcome back to the PBS. We have switched seats this time. It's the day after that original first half of the podcast. So yeah. After coming back from our break yesterday or rather in the previous segment we were talking about his awards. The the best products of two thousand eighteen as it were. But kind of just want to talk for a little bit of very casually about twenty teen in general like I feel like this year has been if things have been ramping up to better. So it's it's more and more device releases and like more higher frequencies, right? This year. It was like the craziest in recent memory has crazy because I think we said that about seventeen as well. I'll really. Yeah. Well, at least I did I was like oh my God. I can't believe the smartphones are back baby. We're not not boring anymore and then. Yeah. This year, just October. Absolutely. Crushed it. Yeah. Not necessarily in terms of quality, though that may be true. But just the quantity of stuff said only you had phones everywhere wasn't an ISA post something on Instagram about the she did. Yeah. I should retake. She had a little pose where it looked like she was being a little bashful. And she was like, oh my God. I just wish. And then the if you if you look at it, and you see someone wrote I just wish smartphones with stop. Yeah. And that is really felt but I'm glad that it only really came up in mainly October. Glad that the entire year. Didn't quite feel like oh, yeah. No, very true. At least it was a little confined, and we're getting a chance to catch up. Now. You know, you post a video when you post it and then wood fortunately in our line of work. There's always someone there ready to say a month laid like always then you can get a nice good Russia satisfaction. My banning them forever right field. We've been having so many discussions about the the life of a of a creator the life of tech YouTube, or I don't know what kind of term you want to say. But yeah, there's so many little quirks to this whole life of art there are and this is only like one facet of it is the fact that these phone manufacturers just don't seem like they want to stop. There are so many phones I came out this year that even in the first half of the year. I feel like some people may have kind of forgotten. And I think that's a bit of a travesty. I mean, the the galaxy S nine for example, they l g g seven even HTC phones from earlier in the year that were exciting when they were first. Being announced the note nine the no nine. Yeah. Indeed, the no nine itself, and that's even more recent release that is already feeling overshadowed by other phones, just after it definitely. And that's the pace of this industry. It's crazy. So which ones do you are you particular one that you're like said aren't getting getting the FaceTime anymore pretty much pretty much any LG device yell G has been a real sleepy sleepy time this year. Yeah. I mean, there are some incredibly sound things that are being done with their phones like the boombox. Yes. All right. I don't mean to say that like the products are are snooze vests. I just mean like, it seems like every time Elchi has released something it's immediately been either superseded by something more splash worthy or buzz worthy. Or didn't really take. Hold in a way like g seven. Yeah. You didn't have is. I recall there were. Maybe one carrier partnership with that right in the end. It's probably just AT and T. Right. It's usually Brent always it spring. Okay. I can't remember ally. And then so that was kind of a real stall in the US don't sedation needed. Don't quote me on that one. But I recall the career deals not as intense on that one. And then v forty rolls around forty is like we're on every carrier, and we're like Haredi, and then I think something like twelve hours later, the p twenty pro drops into sort of sucks all the era of the room bay..

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