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Did not respond to Gregg Jarrett's a you know I just I I I just looked at this and I'm dying I'm like so much that was not said yesterday is pretty amazing and in this case a taser is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law now the prosecutor he laid out his case yesterday before everybody is a relates to the the what happened in Atlanta he didn't mention that yesterday Leo out maybe I missed it but I was watching I don't think I missed it I thought the whole press conference yet he did mention that it all looks at me right now I bet that press conference was a slide show or AFP he he he went well beyond what the prosecutor does only presents charges for public consumption by allowing the civil attorneys to come on board and basically plead their case but I wanna make sure this is clear coming from me at the support of the African American those officers did not take action because of books is black and white there is no racial issue here if anyone has any question about that watch the first forty minutes all of the tape okay because there was a a great I'm very good relations among the three of them and then it got ugly when works assaulted the officer and became a fleeing felon but a new story it what Greg said it's true that tape which I hope you play tonight on Hannity regarding the change of the deadly weapon came over this game is over I look I don't like to say game over you know great one of the reasons forget all that we will all of us here right as it relates to the deep state pies abuse premeditated fraud dirty dossiers you know the amazing thing is I've also been right I was right on Ferguson because I had my sources that will that told me that these witnesses were there are I was right about Richard Jewell my gut instinct I was right about Baltimore Maryland I said nobody's gonna get convicted there and everybody's expectations were you know through the roof we know what happened there and then you have you know Brock and Joe they always would rush to judgment anyway that ends up terrible where do you know what about those that are rushing to judgment again here well it's a rush to miss judgment under the law I mean the the the law is basically clear in most jurisdictions and certainly in Georgia that if a police officer reasonably believes he is facing imminent death or serious bodily injury he's allowed to use lethal force in that standard it obviously turned part question is did he reasonably believes I am going to pick it up on that point though on the other side of this break up do you we're gonna hold our guests over Leo Terrell David Schoen Gregg Jarrett eight hundred nine four one showing you want to be a part of the program although America's corona virus death toll has passed one hundred eighteen.

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