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A and ninety six one fm are rally autoparts pit reporters and we're about to put them back to work i believe in just a moment steve richards jim noble brad gilly and brett mcmillan few just joined us they said we wouldn't race today we'll guess what we've had a brief little delay a brief red flag for rain but we have now gone in this race as we take a look up to lap one nineteen so we're closing in on the end of stage number one in the food city five hundred if you just joined us our first caution flag came out on lap number five it was for a multi car crash involved chase elliott william byron martin true ex junior daniel suarez aj almond dinger ross chastain involved in that michael mcdowell got a piece of it and david ragan his teammate mcdowell eventually wound up out of the race because of that situation after starting ninth had high hopes for today are second caution flag came out on lap eighteen that was when aj almaden had a problem hitting the wall up there and turn to we got got a little help from a friend to get him into that position then on lap forty seven we had cautioned number three turned into a red flag for rain that red flag lasted just over twenty five minutes then caution flag four laps sixty two ricky stenhouse junior involved in that incident with eric jones and joey logano intern four and then our yellow number five came out just a moment ago here on lap one nineteen it takes out the race leader ryan blaney also involved in that jamie mcmurray along with chris butcher and harrison rhodes trevor bayne also got a piece of that deal as well so if you just joined us our average speed just seventy four miles per hour we've raised eighty nine laps of green thirty of yellow at this point in the food city five hundred at a reminder you can follow prn on the social networks were on twitter instagram snapchat at pr in life you can also download the free prn lap free pr in.

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