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Can look at your team if there are these are real trends through four games that we have your team has now worked through odyssey's levy on bells a perfect example clocked a remote vosper the pittsburgh steelers guard on the nickel package podcast couple of weeks ago by the way subscribe download all those great things if you haven't already but talking a remote on their about levy on bell who had held out through the preseason very notably because of his dispute about is contra act with the steelers comes back september one the last possible date he can start getting ready for week one of the season a ramon said this is a guy that's going to have to basically go through the season during the regular season with games that matter and that's a daunting prospect and that's something that's difficult and we've seen his up output is reflected that yesterday finally seemed to be that are now we've gotten over the hump game against the baltimore ravens team that i don't know if we all believers grade but at least has a defense that we understand and respect through the course of this young season a levy on bell went out had 35 carries for a hundred and forty four yards had four catches for forty two yards so started to look more like the guy that we'd seen and that's what i mean the product starts to round into form around this time and so we look across the landscape of the nfl and we try and look at our at federal court of the season we've talked about on the show not feeling was we don't know a lot coming off this weekend maybe it doesn't help more but we've lease gutted clearcut idea of what been mostyn we surprising hurley early portion of the season i think the most categories pretty easy and it's pretty unique to two teams at this point one very justifiably so and one i think because we just let the end result of the season and popular sentiment sort of influence as a little bit too much the first one that i mentioned bears the kansas city chiefs the last remaining undefeated team sitting at three no going in night's game against washington worth noting it's very early.

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