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Is how this great compromise of eighteen sixty seven with the Hungarians rather than strengthening and retrenching it actually desperately weaken the monarchy because it creates it exacerbated the nationality problems that had already been quite sharp before eighteen sixty six but they became much sharper after eating. Sixty six because of this compromise with Hungarian, basically eastern Austria, the part that was taken over by the Hungarians as part of this great compromise of eighteen sixty seven was Hungary's minority. The majority in eastern in eastern Austria, this area called translate Sania area East River where slobs and Romanians and Hungarians where you know, about a little less than fifty percent over there, and the and and the majority were slobs and Romanian and so the Hungarians ruled eastern Austria. With an iron hand, they insisted on on Burien in schools and churches public office administration. They enfranchised only seven percent of the population. You had to be a wealthy educated. Magyari Hungarian in order to be elected to parliament or even to vote for deputies to parliament. So you had millions of Slovaks Ukrainians Romanians really chafing under this very hard Hungarian regime in the eastern half. And the western half was. There was more concern for cultural and language rights, but you still had a German master nationality. It most of western Austrian and the far flung outposts of.

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