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Goes back into the car, grabs a cloth of some kind because the entire windshield is covered in this dust. In this powder, she grabs a cloth and she starts rubbing the cloth all over the windshield, and she finally is able to clear the windshield. She gets back into the car and starts the vehicle and just drives off. Now, the two witnesses are in shock, seeing this. This is strange. You've just had this bizarre encounter where you've essentially been pulled over by a strange white light, your car's covered in all this garbage. And you just get out and rob it off and drive away. The witnesses claim that after she drove away, she'd thrown the cloth on the ground or on the road. The cloth exploded into flames. Yeah, I think we've covered this story before. Yeah, it sounds familiar. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm saying you'll know this story. But again, what is this stuff? Is this connected with your logical activity or how do we get some? Yeah, good question, right? But it doesn't end there because that idea of the first story of the car having some type of anti gravitic effect being induced by an interaction with a saucer. Well, there are other stories. Another story that was reported by Jenny Randall was reported to have occurred on the 6th of June in 1977. It related to a mock henschel. Was riding his motorcycle. This was on a country road in Durham and the north of England. I think it was near larrington. And the weather was unusually cold and wet apparently for midsummer. And this is what you also hear in these reports as well. When you have these odd reports of interactions with strange aerial phenomena, UFOs or anything that kind of fits in that field, the weather's strange. But the weather is seemingly not all the time I should say. It's not mandatory, but you do find that there's a lot of cases where something is weird in the atmosphere itself. But he is riding along this road. And as it was about, I think 1130 guys, he's rotting. Now, as he's riding, he claims that when he looks into his rear vision, he notices that there's these two purple glows that are behind him, which is kind of odd. I mean, you're used to seeing glows as you're riding along, but it was purple. And he looks behind himself and he thinks, oh, it must be a car that's approaching fast. So he pulls over. And this Jaguar car comes flying past him. But he says, as this car goes past, which he thought was what was causing these lights behind him, he realizes that those two purple glows were still there. And they start coming closer and closer and closer. And all of a sudden, both he and this car are swamped in this blinding, hazy, glowing purple, fuzzy pinkish tinge light. Like it's in compassing both of them. And he's motorcycle loses power. He notices that the other car loses power. His legs stop becoming warm. His jacket starts to steam because it's been raining. He's being exposed to something. Some type of radiation he doesn't know what it is, but even worse, it appears that these lights, this fuzzy glow that's engulfing them, is some type of tractor beam, because he claims that both he, his bike and the car are being dragged up a hill..

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