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They play the national anthem and do the guitar dueling guitars all the time. So I hope you know, giants fans don't feel like they're selling out here by wearing Metallica jerseys are like they were a Yankees themed Metallica jerseys when they were congratulating a Mariana Rivera. The other thing is Mariano Rivera is a Christian. So he doesn't listen to metallica's music. Now. Wait a minute. He doesn't he's not the one that picked his entrance music. Somebody else picked it from the Yankees. And and he said quote with all due respect to the guys. I've never been. I've never been to one other shows as a Christian. I don't listen to that kind of music. Okay. But. Respect fine. Sure, you true to your beliefs. But they sold a lot of Mersch that said like Sandman audit, Mariano Rivera. And I'm sure he got a cut of that some willing to bet that he didn't mind then, but I'm a Christian, man. I would never go to one of those rock and roll shows. Oh, here's my check. Thank you stadium. PR staff. God bless you. All right coming up next. We're going to get Kevin Bowen. And here he covers the Pacers. And the colts all things for ten seventy the fan. We'll talk a little bit more about this Victor Oladipo injury. Watching the game last night when that happened. I was not sons practice, but my phone started blowing. And did you see highlights at all? I mean, I haven't seen highlights of this yet. Does it did it look like something looked like something? There's a reason why the trainer came out and immediately put a towel over his name. But not nearly was not as gruesome as Paul George.

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