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The best receiver if he's on a team that's got kind of guy or system but you know what they're gonna wanna do in cincinnati and zac taylor is gonna wanna throw it around a little bit Get borough healthy. I'm gonna say chase. I'll say he has the biggest impact. I guess the easiest pick in for for. I feel like they're just going to let berlin a rip like just go in here and just slinging all over the yard. If i'm gonna lose. I want him to get more experience. You know we're not going to be. They started to be competitive a little bit. They gave some people some fits when he was healthy. Why not cut it loose. And let's get him another year of experience of getting back to trust is. Is you know rehab left knee. And let's go man. I i got no problem with it. Getting bad thunders. Picking up sean. Tyler's go on the second. i'm surprised. well it's not there so we'll just have done and fees are you. Are you down your leg right now. No i'm not be relax. Just make sure make sure. I mean you're scared the fear i could say i can hear the trouble in your voice. That lightning's gotcha day coming through the building. You're safe which you got so a lot of people are saying that there was one absolute reach during the draft last night and it was alex. Leatherwood To the raiders. At number seventeen a lotta people said they did not expect when they talked about all the alabama people who could go in the first round. He was very rarely brought up. They were thinking more of a second. Do you think this was the biggest reach. And if not who is the biggest reach full. I think that the saints and i don't think it's a i don't mean it. Local the saints are the he wasn't widely known that peyton put did turn. It was going to be a first round pick right then. You didn't start hearing that until like the late. He was a late charger. No doubt so. I don't know we can look at a of say depending on who they had even though the guy. Maybe we'll take the tennessee titans with farley while a great player i think the risk factor makes it a little bit of a reach. Because you just don't know but he supposed to be a great kid and a hell of a football player will see his back but with the leatherwood situation about guys when we're doing our show. I got a twitter message from somebody wanted to know. Would i think what the raiders were going to do. And i laughed as raider fan forever. I said he said who do you think they're going to get. I said you really want to answer that. Basically as i paraphrase have no idea. It's the raiders. it's raiders. They do this every year every year if they have multiple picks in the first round or what one of the guys is going to be like Or is that really the best player on your board. Compared to everybody else's could you have got him in the second round or traded up in the second round to get. I mean what so. We're i do trust as i trust saving. I trust alabama gay. But i think if he would've changed his name to play there would he'd pride didn't even higher from dear god but they it's leatherwood just sold. That is one of the best. I was thinking last night. I can roll down damn near this whole draft and give you a dad joke for every player same day. So you on that here. Being the i'm telling you. I mean it. It's it's pretty good and i was actually surprising myself. Yeah so pleasure would jumped into the first round and became leatherwood. Have you ever had a pleasure jacket. I guarantee tyler house. Oh hiking guarantee. I haven't right. I've had leather. I'm more of a hoodie guy. Yeah but i could see you in a plethora school members only jacket. You're one of those fighter jackets. But yes yes. He's maverick and goose over. See that tyler also might be might be the guy. The wears this high school letterman's jackets to the club. Oh hell no you go to the marne here. We go after shopping saturday on a sunday. When you're watching. The falcons got falcons hat on. And you're wearing your letterman jacket with your like wrestling. Patch on their your football patch. And your bitch patch if your letterman anytime after you graduate high school. I judge you so hard. You'll go heart autumn judge hardware there. Letterman still yeah. But i i've never had there but i guarantee like tyler i if you go buy a couch would it be leather of flatter. Would you get. I'd be leather. You would you. Would you wouldn't get the plateau where you stick to it when you're wearing shorts and pulls off two layers of skin when you get up when you've been sweating playing video games in front of like you know everybody's done in their life. No saturday got tagged it high-class right the finer things in life man. Yeah so my raiders. The internet guys If we're using the term of value pick. They took him for sooner. I put it this way. I don't think he'd have gone in the first round if the raiders wouldn't have taken him how's that is that answer the question A reach probably. But i'm going to judge his play after watching him. Because i trust savings process. But i hope leatherwood plays leatherwood and everything's good. You feel me. you don't feel me do you. On the shooter yeah. That's a no good. Yeah the law down that. don't go. Watch a wilson phillips concert because you could get lanced honestly could by somebody and that would be the pits. Ninety sports doc. Savage diety shots sounds classic. Chevy sugarland album gonna get through this dude i am. There's nobody better at stringing. Together dad jokes is there can't be but i can tell you where there is no better either. That's classic chevy sugarland you gotta vehicle you want top dollar and you want to sell it because you ready to get into something bigger and better or newer at classic chevy sugarland classic chevy highway six. Jeff tiffany sebastian. 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