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Friday, and that kind of stuck with me all weekend. That is because I just learned that the Watts house that is where Chris Watts murdered his wife. There's a new Netflix documentary out about it. We talked about how that house is supposedly haunted, and there's a bunch of crazy stuff that goes along with it on and then the second half of the game. I'm not sure the exact tie in I've been I've been seeing this story about Adam Sandler is reportedly trying to create a happy Madison universe where, like all of the movies and characters kind of somehow some way. Connect together, which I'm totally for because I love almost all Adam Sandler movies. So you're saying like a network? Well, I mean, the way that I've read it in the way it sounds is has been explained to me is kind of like the Marvel universe where it's like different people from different movies somehow intertwined and different storylines that maybe we're not even completely clear on so which I I do love that. I love that about Happy Madison Productions and that you'll see the same people. As part of each movie and even characters that can show up another one's So here's today's game. It is a spirit that's darker or beat up. Bob Barker and I will play clip for you from a movie, and it will have will either be from a scary kind of paranormal or just generally scaring movie or something from the happy Madison universe, which means Most likely a an Adam Sandler film. But there there are some movies that he's had a hat a hand in that he wasn't necessarily in majorly. So a spirit that's darker or beat up Bob Barker. We will have your opportunity to win. Let me see what? Let me see. What good good old Mike Olivera passed along today. I bet you I can find it really quick. Oh, yeah. $25 flats Cash good at all Local Tijuana flats. You can try that new case, so crunch wrapped burrito That looks really good. I'm all about crunchy things being inside your burrito, so 25 Bucks should be able to get a couple of those bad boys. If you win today's pluck it in the prize patch. It is spirit that's darker or beat up. Bob Barker. But before we do that, I want to talk about what's going on with the beach boys because I'll be it a lot of the times Politically, people think or know that I'm a tend to be more on the right side. But what's going on here with with the beach boys and Donald Trump to me is completely wrong now without giving you a full breakdown of the history of the beach Boys. Mike Love is I'm trying not to. I don't want to speak ill of any of the beach boys. Okay, Mike love of the beach Boys is a bitch, And he's always been to me the voice pushing against the band growing musically, And maybe even as people way back in the day. When, when? When the beach boys We're still kind of trying to find their way. Mike Love wanted to do nothing but make 37 million versions of surfing. You say he wanted to do nothing but make Beach music. There was bubble gum pop that was easily digestible. Well, Brian Wilson, who is and will always be the brains and true Talent behind the beach boys in my opinion. He's he's had issues for. You know, he even when the beach boys were at their peak, he didn't like touring. He notoriously spent years and years living in his bedroom. He had sand brought into his bedroom and he lived there. He was a hermit. So he's he's battled a sand sand. He's battled mental health issues for a long time. So he the last time that all of the beach boys were actually together. Was like in 2012. They did a true reunion tour. But Mike Love Tours. He's got the right for touring of the beach boys. So al Jardine Brian Wilson, you know some of the original To me True talent and Essence of the beach Boys have a problem with the fact that Mike Love seems to be up the president's ass he has played. He did Ah, Safari they played Mike loves band. The Beach Boys played an event I think last year at the Safari Club International Convention in Rio Reno, Nevada, where Donald Trump Jr was a speaker, so there were a lot of issues there because they don't like People killing animals, Big game animals or Brian Wilson doesn't and they don't appreciate the president. So it is a very slippery slope in the sense of you've got guys whose entire lives work are this band And they aren't getting a say on whether or not the band although it's Mike loves watered down, puts ified version of the beach Boys. They have no say in what Mike Love is outdoing and he is. Ah, you know, they're now playing a TTE this gig in Newport Beach, California. Which is a big fundraiser for Donald Trump, the former band members told variety through a spokesperson. We have absolutely nothing to do with the Trump benefit today in Newport Beach zero. We didn't even know about it, and we were very surprised to read about it in the Los Angeles Times. Mike Love currently owns the touring license for the Beach Boys name and his book, controversial gigs in the past, Like the one I just spoke about that was in Reno, Nevada for the Safari Club International. It's just kind of sad to think that the people who really put so much into the band now have no say in what the band is the band..

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