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The move tackle Bryan Bulaga is set to sign with the LA Chargers former linebackers Blake Martinez and Kyle faculty to sign with the New York Giants yesterday the team also announcing they will retain wide receiver Jake Kumar and Allen Lazard I'm Kevin wells newsradio WTMJ these media networks this is America's first news this morning with your host will the check in the mail good morning I'm Gordon deal along with Jennifer could shake up on this Wednesday March eighteenth thanks for being with us here's what we have for you this hour there's a proposal circulating on Capitol Hill that would send checks directly to Americans who may face an economic hardship from the coronavirus more states are restricting what we can do amid the outbreak Las Vegas casinos are now shut New York City warns of a potential shelter in place another easy primary night for Joe Biden who captured Florida Illinois and Arizona putting additional pressure on Bernie Sanders to exit the democratic race and the race to find a corona virus treatment basically it it's been an awful lot of focus on the sort of shock and all of the virus been paid to the fact that there are treatments are not too far away mark Johnson of the Milwaukee journal Sentinel but at least one treatment that could be just weeks away our special edition coverage of the corona virus.

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